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Watch: Amidst Hurricane Destruction, Texas Woman Walks Llama

(Photo by LENNART PREISS / AFP) (Photo by LENNART PREISS/AFP via Getty Images)

A Texas woman was seen walking a llama out the window of her SUV Thursday morning after Hurricane Laura touched down the night before.

Dallas-Fort Worth news reporter Chris Sadeghi drove through Orange, Texas following the torment of Hurricane Laura. He posted videos and images of the wreckage to his Twitter. Among the fallen trees and downed phone lines, he spotted the bizarre event, sure to catch it on tape.

The video shows a woman walking the llama on a leash while she slowly drives her car down the road. Another angle shows the unique animal trotting down the busy road in closer proximity. Texas meteorologist Justin Horne posted the image saying “Not something you see every day…” He says the woman was relocating the llama after the hurricane blew down her fence.

Surprisingly, this is not the only documentation of a leashed llama that hit social media on Thursday. Another Twitter user posted images of a woman walking a llama down the street. The woman, rocking an “I Was Social-Distancing Before It Was Cool” shirt, is seen carrying a bucket of food and yellow leash in her hands.

The videos and images were taken in Orange, Texas, though it is unclear if they feature the same woman or if the situations are related in any way.

Hurricane Laura passed approximately 30 miles east of Orange. While it wasn’t hit as hard as some of its neighboring areas, much of the county was left without power. Some buildings lost their roofs and debris litters the streets. Mayor Larry Spears, told ABC13 that while destruction is visible, he was expecting worse.

Hurricane Laura hit last night as the strongest storm to touch down in Louisiana in over a century.