Watch: Lion Bites Zookeepers’ Hand as He Pets It in Cage

They say never bite the hand that feeds you, but one lion in Africa apparently never learned that idiom. Video released recently shows a caged lion in Senegal attacking his caretaker and viciously biting his hand, the Daily Mail reported.

You can watch the video here.

The video starts with a man filming a little girl in front of a lion’s cage at Park Hann, a zoo in Dakar, Senegal. You can see a guide at the park with his arm stuck between the bars of the cage. Suddenly, the animal strikes. It grabs onto the man’s right hand and digs its massive jaws into his flesh. The lion paws at his arm.

The man screams for help as the lion nearly rips his arm from its socket. He hits the lion with his free hand. People nearby throw rocks to scare it off. But the lion won’t let go.

The animal’s massive mouth stays locked around the man’s hand for almost 30 seconds. The lion is so strong that it nearly pulls the man off his feet several times. Eventually, the man is able to free his hand.

The video shows the aftermath as he walks back over to the gathered crowd. The lion’s massive fangs left puncture wounds in his hand. Its claws have shredded his jacket and shirt.

Is the lion being framed?

It’s vicious attack footage, but it doesn’t tell the entire story, the Daily Mail reported. The fuller picture makes the attack seem in self-defense.

The newspaper said local reports of the attack, which took place in February, say the man reached into the cage and antagonized the lion. The video, which only recently surfaced, doesn’t show the man before he reaches into the cage. Witnesses said the zoo worker did it to impress tourists, the Daily Mail reported.

Whatever the reason, it’s probably a safe assumption he won’t do it again.

Second animal attack video goes viral

A bull attacked a 75-year-old grandmother recently as she walked down in a street in India, the New York Post reported. But thanks to her quick-thinking grandson she survived. Though the bull attacked him as well during the rescue.

Video of the attack went viral last week.

The video shows the woman walking along a road in the northern Indian state of Haryana last month when the bull attacks her without provocation. Her grandson rushed out and is able to drag the elderly woman to safety thanks to the help. Though the bull tossed the grandsom multiple time during his rescue attempt, MSN reported.

They rushed the grandmother to the hospital where doctors treated her for a broken hand. Her grandson was also treated and released. His injuries and age were not mentioned. Both are at home recuperating, MSN said.

[H/T Daily Mail]