WATCH: NBA Commentator Drops Wildly Inappropriate Remark During Live Broadcast

During the Bulls’ preseason opener against the Rockets, NBA commentator Stacey King had a highly inappropriate reaction to a Noah Vonleh. The power forward dunked on one of the Rockets’ players with only seconds left in the game. Those watching at home were more shocked by King’s reaction than the dunk itself.

NBA Commentator Makes Fans Do a Double Take

Stacey King had a hot take after Vonleh’s dunk. Shortly thereafter, outraged fans took to Twitter to call the former Chicago Bull out on his commentary.

To be fair, Stacey King is known for his very colorful color commentary. Before becoming an NBA commentator, he played power forward for the Bulls alongside Michael Jordan in his first four and a half seasons in the NBA. It’s easy to see why seeing the Bull’s power forward pull off an aggressive dunk with only seconds left on the clock got King excited. However, some seem to be upset about his “Open your mouth wide and take it,” comment.

If we’re being honest, most people can relate to saying something outlandish or regrettable in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, not everyone is the lead color commentator for Chicago Bulls TV broadcasts. Nor are they saying those things during a live broadcast.

King isn’t the color commentator to have a major flub on the air.

Sports Commentator Bloopers

In fact, there have been several color commentators to make some pretty serious yet hilarious mistakes over the years. Here are a few of the best commentator bloopers from the past.

During a Toronto Maple Leafs game, the announcer stumbles over his words in the heat of the moment after a big save by Leafs’ goalie. That was a big what save?

In the next clip, we have sideline reporter Christine Nubla discussing the Clippers’ dribble penetration. What comes out at first is a little…different.

In our final and maybe most relatable on-air flub, one ESPNews caster fails, recovers with a little help from her co-anchor, then really sticks the landing. Seems like she didn’t realize her mic was still on.

So maybe we should cut Stacey King some slack on this one. It doesn’t matter if your a news anchor, NBA commentator, or cashier, sometimes things just fall out of your mouth.