Watch This Ram Cummins Diesel Truck Burst Into Flames at Dyno Competition

Footage shows the Dyno Competition going from excitement to terror as this Ram Cummins diesel truck explodes in the middle of a crowd.

A huge crowd gathered in Ogden, Utah, this past weekend for the “Edge Dyno Competiton”. The competition focuses on diesel trucks – and a goal of finding the most capable of the lot. For anyone who enjoys enhancing powerful trucks, the Dyno Competition is exactly where you want to be. Dozens of incredible and one-of-a-kind diesels are on display – and the event is a rare highlight for many in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Diesel Tech, the event is “a celebration of all things diesel“. In 2020, the event is a single-day dyno competition “attracting some of the country’s most powerful diesel trucks to flex torque stats on the dynamometer.”

Things took a drastic turn, however, when this Ram truck went beyond its limits.

Dyno Competition Ram Pushed Too Far

The crowd’s excitement immediately turns to horror as the Ram Cummins (shown below) engine explodes with the driver inside. As a result, the engine is seen rocketing through the hood of the truck. On-hand crew immediately begin extinguishing the flames, but it looks like the worst happens:

Thankfully, everyone was able to walk away from this incident. The driver and some of the crew have minor burn injuries – but are otherwise to make full recoveries. A friend of the driver took to Instagram to clarify the incident:

We went from celebrating a clean pass at 2920 and our 48re holding up on the highest horsepower record on a chassis dyno for a diesel to watching a worst case scenario we are so grateful everyone was ok through all this. Much love brother @bacablackp3arl you are one hell of a friend and it scared me to watch this.

Posted by Randy Reyes on Saturday, September 19, 2020

As the Dyno Competition held a large crowd – several angles are on film:

The footage is incredible to witness knowing there are no severe injuries. Hopefully, things will be looking up in 2021 for all of us – including those affected here at the Dyno Competition.