WATCH: Rookie Cop Saves Man From Car That Burst Into Flames

A rookie cop in San Jose, California risked his life to save a man from a burning car over the weekend. Dashcam video from the San Jose Fire Department caught the young officer’s heroic actions as they unfolded. The SJPD shared the video on Twitter Monday afternoon. Check it out below.

The SJPD wrote, “Rookie officer Pedro Garcia came upon a collision on Hwy 101 with one vehicle engulfed in flames and the driver still inside.” SJPD had three words for the rookie cop’s actions, “Bravery under fire.”

Department sent out a follow-up tweet that said, “Without hesitation, and even with fire department personnel moments away, the officer did not hesitate to risk his life and pull the man from the burning car. In this job, seconds count and, combined with bravery, can save lives.” In short, this young rookie cop is a hero.

Officer Garcia is only eight months out of the police academy and already showing that he has what it takes to be an exemplary officer. Additionally, this rookie cop-turned hero is humble. In an interview with KRON 4, Garcia said, “I just believe I was at the right place at the right time. It’s just meant to be.”

Remembering the event, Officer Garcia said, “Some guys were yelling. I asked them if there was someone inside the vehicle. They responded with ‘yes,’ so, I just immediately ran towards the vehicle. I kinda saw the person. I was in shock and just decided to try to yank him out of the vehicle and try to drag him toward the fire department.”

Rookie Cop Reenacts Heroic Moment

In the video posted by KRON 4, Officer Garcia goes over how he saved the man from the burning car. He says he rushed to the vehicle and opened the door. Then, he grabbed the man under his arms and said, “Hey bro, come on, let’s go.” At that time, the man was unconscious. However, Garcia woke him up. The man panicked and grabbed onto the side of the door. Finally, he understood what was happening and let go of the car. That’s when the rookie cop was finally able to drag the man away from the burning car toward safety.

Officer Garcia didn’t know how lucky the man was for his quick actions until later. A member of the SJFD informed him that the man’s shoes had already melted to the floorboard of the car. There is no telling how badly he would have been burned without Officer Garcia’s heroic intervention.

For his part, Officer Garcia doesn’t see himself as a hero. “I believe anyone else in the Department if they were there, they would have done the same exact thing I did.”