WATCH: Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Show Off Massive, Gorgeous Portrait of the Former ‘The Talk’ Host

On Sunday evening, Sharon Osbourne and her rock legend husband, Ozzy, revealed an awesome modern portrait that was recently gifted to her.

Australia-born artist Dan Pearce who lives in London utilized the bust of Sharon’s head for one of his latest projects. The artist is known for his modern take on portraits that are infused with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein-style influences. The enormous portrait has holographic-like elements with a background made of interchangeable $100 bills and Gucci‘s famous patterned print.

As Sharon Osbourne explains in the short video, Pearce included elements of her life from 2021 so far. As she said, Pearce named the portrait “Lady O.”

“So what do you think, Ozzy?” Sharon Osbourne asks her husband.

“I think it’s fantastic, Sharon. There’s only one thing. Where’s mine?!” Ozzy hilariously repsonds. “Well done, where’s my picture?”

The longtime married couple go on to thank Pearce profusely for the portrait and compliment the artist on a job well done.

“Lady O. Thank you to the brilliant @dan_pearce_art for gifting me this gorgeous portrait!! I couldn’t love it more. Ozzy is very jealous and wants to know where his is,” Sharon Osbourne wrote along with a laughing emoji. “Thank you Dan.”

Sharon Osbourne Shares Sweet Moment With Husband Ozzy

Earlier this month, Sharon Osbourne shared a short clip from years past with her husband Ozzy, which she simply captioned “Pillow Talk.”

Sharon Osbourne and “The Prince of Darkness” have been together for more than forty years. The pair started dating in 1979 after Ozzy was fired from his legendary metal band Black Sabbath. Three years later the couple got married, and have been together ever since.

Ozzy’s wife often posts photos and videos of the couple on her Instagram account. She shared an older clip of the duo that may be from a previous wedding anniversary. Although the context of the throwback video is unclear, the couple are enjoying breakfast in bed together. Sharon is still wearing pajamas, and Ozzy is already wearing his signature sunglasses. Yet Ozzy had a question in mind for his loving wife.

“Do you have any regrets?” Ozzy asks Sharon.

“Yea,” she responds, before adding, “That we didn’t get married sooner.”