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WATCH: Wedding Upgrades from a Flower Girl To a ‘Beer Boy’ in Hysterical Video

(Photo by Felix Hörhager/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Nothing better than cracking open a cold one right in the middle of a wedding ceremony, right? That’s what one groom thinks when he asks his friend to serve as the “beer boy” at his wedding.

The groom’s name is Brendan DeKemper, and on his TikTok, he shared a video that’s quickly gone viral. DeKemper tied the knot last month in a backyard ceremony, with plenty of friends and family to help celebrate the momentous day. But instead of having a traditional flower girl walk down the aisle at the ceremony, DeKemper asked his friend to be the “beer boy” instead.

In the video, we see a barefoot man in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts walking down the aisle with a beer bucket swinging around him. He reaches into the bucket and grabs different kinds of beer, handing them to guests in their seats.

Not everyone gets a nice cold drink, though. Some of the guests the beer boy jukes out, reaching into the bucket only to throw a fistful of flowers in their face. Guess he’s more of a hybrid beer boy/flower girl than we thought.

The guests at the wedding are absolutely eating it up. They laugh and call for him to toss the beer cans down the aisles. The beer boy expertly slings the cans across the yard, with all the experience of a beer seller at a baseball game.

At the end of the video, the person holding the camera tells the beer boy to “shower Brendan” with flowers. Brendan opens his arms wide and accepts the flurry of red and pink flowers falling all around him. The two bros hug as the video ends.

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Wedding ‘Beer Boy’ Goes Viral Online

Since DeKemper posted the video in August, it’s been viewed 5.9 million times on TikTok. Almost 425,000 people have liked it, and more than 69,000 have shared it. Clearly, plenty of people are on board with the idea of having a beer boy/flower girl at a wedding ceremony.

Several people also commented on the post, mostly about how they’d feel if they attended that particular wedding.

“I’d be so sad if I didn’t get a beer,” TikTok user Emily Rose said. Thousands of people agreed.

Another user wrote, “I love that this wedding was exactly what you two wanted it to be. It’s awesome!”

Some people loved the lowkey music in the background. DeKemper actually jumped into the comments to tell fans it’s “Get Low acoustic.”

One TikTok user posed the question some of us were also thinking: How did the rest of the wedding go?!

“I feel like this is an epic wedding… beer boy, Get Low acoustic in the background… and this is just the ceremony???” Jen Bissett commented.