WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Shows How ‘One Lucky Contestant’ Dominated Thursday with Huge Wins

It’s another day and another Wheel of Fortune contestant is going home with a big-time win and a luxurious vacation.

Thursday night saw another contestant competing on Wheel of Fortune attempt the Prize Puzzle and the Express Wedge. But first, Sajak explains to the contestant, Curtis, what is at stake.

“So, if you do this express thing, you keep calling consonants and you get $1,000 for each one,” Sajak explains. “You can buy vowels, but if you miss any letter it’s a bankrupt.”

The longtime Wheel of Fortune host had to make sure Curtis knew what he was getting himself into.

“Are you gonna do that or not, Curtis?”

“Let’s ride the train,” the contestant responds.

After contestant Curtis rattles off literally every consonant in the puzzle, he is ready to solve. It was most definitely an easy solution after he nearly filled in the entire puzzle. At the time, the board read: “I NEVER TH–GHT I’D SEE THE DAY.” We could all solve it at that point.

“I guess it’s time to solve it!” Sajak announces.

“I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SEE THE DAY!” Curtis correctly answers the puzzle.

“Love those expressions!” Sajak says. “And you’re going to Iceland! How about that?”

You an watch the awesome moment for yourself down below:

“A Prize Puzzle and the Express Wedge? Curtis is one lucky contestant!” the official Wheel of Fortune Twitter account wrote alongside the clip.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Making a Habit of Giving Away Luxurious Vacations

On Thursday, it was Curtis who won a trip to Iceland thanks to the Prize Puzzle and the Express Wedge. And on Wednesday, it was a contestant named Mackenzie who won herself a vacation.

Both Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes of Wheel of Fortune ended with the same result — two big winners and two vacations. Like Curtis, Mackenzie took full advantage of the Prize Puzzle as well. After correctly solving her puzzle, Pat Sajak let her know that she would be winning a getaway to the warm, tropical country of Costa Rica.

But wait, there’s more.

If you thought two vacation winners in two days was a lot, you haven’t seen anything yet. It wasn’t all that long ago that another contestant named Matt won a trip to Italy. The popular game show also gave away an additional European getaway on Monday night to a competitor named Caleb.

Like Curtis, his victory came after he landed on the Express section of the wheel. He was able to remain calm and solve the puzzle correctly. As a result, he won an incredible $11,500 in just one round.

And shortly after that, Pat Sajak gave Caleb some more good news: “And you’re going to the islands of Greece!”

At this point, it seems like Wheel of Fortune is giving away vacations by the day.