WATCH: Wild Footage Sees Four Massive Waterspouts Touch Down in the Same Area

It’s hurricane season in the Atlantic, with funnel clouds and tropical storms promising to wreak havoc up and down the U.S. east coast. However, even farther east and to the north, across the pond along the Spanish coast, a videographer captured the insane moment when heavy storms formed not one, not two, but four separate waterspouts. Check out the ridiculous footage of the strange phenomenon below.

According to Fox Weather, the waterspouts seen in the viral video formed Friday near Majorca, Spain. While it’s not unheard of for multiple waterspouts to form at once during a severe storm, what makes the above clip so fascinating is that all four funnels formed in almost the exact same area.

Per the outlet, the video was captured by a boater, Anton Adanero Guinea, off the Eastern side of the island of Majorca when the spouts formed. Similar to a tornado, the waterspout forms over water and are typically less lethal than their infamous cousins. That said, there are two different kinds of waterspouts and they both still pose a danger to humans.

The first kind of waterspout is a “tornadic” waterspout. These form from severe thunderstorms, like tornadoes. However, they can also accompany strong winds, locally high seas, frequent lightning, and large hail.

Comparatively, the second kind of spout is a “fair weather” waterspout. These only form over open water.

Bruce B. Smith, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Gaylord, Michigan, said, “[Fair weather waterspouts] develop at the surface of the water and climb skyward [and are] associated with warm water temperatures and high humidity in the lowest several thousand feet of the atmosphere.”

More simply, he continued, “They are usually small, relatively brief, and less dangerous.”

Severe Thunderstorm Gives Way to Massive Waterspout in Florida

If you’re hoping to take a peek at some more jaw-dropping waterspouts, look no further. Last month, a couple of waterspouts wreaked havoc in the south and nearby residents caught footage of both.

The following clip captures a massive waterspout that formed off of Florida’s coast, captured on video by a nearby beachgoer. The nearly black funnel is seen swirling above what looks like an ominously green sea. Pitch dark clouds are nearly touching the horizon line, and bolts of lightning heighten the intensity of the scene.

“Here it comes,” the cameraman can be heard saying in the clip. Aside from the waterspout, the daring beachgoer takes in the surrounding scene, showing viewers the full power of the storm.

Earlier in the month, another waterspout devastated a small community in Maryland, its impact more significant as spouts are typically less dangerous than tornadoes. Sadly though, for Smith Island residents, that wasn’t exactly the case.

A waterspout at the beginning of August gave way to shock and horror as it not only brought with it intense weather conditions but also destroyed several local homes. Given that Smith Island is home to just a couple of hundred residents, the destruction hit especially hard.