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We Really Hope This Video of a Bull Absolutely Demolishing a Car Is a Spoiler for ‘Yellowstone’

(Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)

“Mess with the bull and you get the horns” is both a fitting mantra for Yellowstone and this wildly aggressive standoff with a massive bull.

Outsiders: How does one explain this to your car insurance company? Is “decimation by bull” covered under any plans? As unlikely (see: not likely at all) as that is, the driver of this CRV may want to check all their fine print.

In an insane encounter via OGDRL on Twitter, an enormous bull takes to the streets. By the red flag present on the ground, we’re guessing this took place at a “bull run,” wherein immensely ornery bulls are let loose to run the streets. People die in these events every year. For this one, one unlucky driver is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and chaos ensues.

The driver can at least feel lucky they were inside their vehicle, however. This bull shows his strength by immediately piercing and flattening the front right tire. The sound of this alone is enough to send shivers down the spine. Then, he proceeds to lift the entire weight of the vehicle off the ground multiple times. Talk about a beast:

Wild cheers, jeers, and screams of horror echo throughout the encounter. We’re using “encounter” lightly here, too, as the details are scarce and this bull is clearly past the point of that term. People remain unguarded in the street, too. So even if this is a bull run… Why are these people not taking off for cover? Are they Good Samaritans sticking around in hopes of helping this driver?

Even if they are, there’s no chance of it. Nothing is going to stop this bull until the cavalry arrives with tranquilizers or worse.

Bull: 1 – CRV: 0

Near the end of the footage, the bull’s ramming shatters an aspect of the vehicle holding liquid, prompting one Outsider follower to reply: “Damn, can’t wash their windows now.”

Tony retweets with a far more punny response, however, with: “Those are “gored-year” tires.”

Yet it’s follower Joshua who takes this Outsider‘s thoughts right from my brain with: “Insurance Claims Agent: I’m sorry, your explanation for the damage is what again?” and a pitch-perfect Progressive gif.

To be honest, it’s surprising we haven’t seen something similar to this in Yellowstone. It feels like a perfect fit. The Duttons have plenty of cattle of all sorts in their massive ranch. Perhaps, though, Taylor Sheridan isn’t writing this sort of aggression in because audiences would then have to see the bull be dealt with. And we’re fine seeing humans murdered, but animals? Pass. Hard pass.

Anything feels possible on Yellowstone, however, and come November 7 of 2021 we’ll have a whole other season of possibilities. Fingers crossed for a bull mowing down Market Equities with zero consequences to said bull.