‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Jokes the ‘World Continues To Spiral’ Because of Confusing Street Names

Most of you know that Pat Sajak is quite the jokester on social media. Recently, the Wheel of Fortune host joked about how the “world continues to spiral” because of some confusing street names.

Earlier today (Feb 26), Sajak surprised his Twitter followers with another tweet. This time, he cracked a joke about a confusing street name. In the tweet, he wrote, “The most common street name in America is Second. First is third. The world continues to spiral out of control.”

Judging by the post, it looks like the popular game show host is on to something. That is, he makes an excellent point.

Several fans are flooding the comments with logical explanations for this tweet. At least, somewhat logical. For instance, one user wrote, “I’m assuming some places use main, some use first? That’s the only logical explanation.”

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Here’s More Unique Jokes From the One and Only, Pat Sajak

A few days ago, Pat Sajak watched the “Andy Griffith Show” in a completely different way. Some might say it’s a more unique way. And of course, it made his fans laugh.

The Wheel of Fortune host should win an award for his humor. I mean, he is hands down one of the funniest humans both in-person and online. If Sajak didn’t continuously use humor in his tweets, then he wouldn’t be the person he is today. And that’s the reason why we love him.

On February 23, Sajak watched an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show.” If you aren’t already aware, he is a huge fan of the show. So he revealed that he previously watched Naked and Afraid, which gave him a different point of view.

In the tweet, Sajak wrote, “Watched Naked and Afraid this past weekend. First time I’ve ever watched The Andy Griffith Show like that. Interesting.”

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The Wheel of Fortune Host Strikes Again With Another Hilarious Tweet

Previously, Pat Sajak shared that it happened again. I know what you’re thinking, ‘what happened again?’ Well, that’s the beauty of Sajak’s hilarious tweets.

In the tweet, Sajak wrote, “Well, it happened again this morning. I stepped out of the shower and caught my wife dressing me with her eyes.”

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