Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Questions Projected Election Results, Vote-Counting

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak questions whether media outlets should have projected election results on Election Day. He believes officials should only announce the president after they counted all the votes.

He wrote on Twitter, “No matter how you feel about election-night calls (whether they were too early or too late or not accurate), the bigger question is: What’s the point of these calls? Bragging rights? How about counting the votes and announcing the results? Just a wacky idea.

Sajak considers himself both a conservative and Republican, according to Vice. He’s donated to affiliated causes in the past. But the game show host doesn’t appear to be a supporter of Donald Trump as president. According to Pop Culture, Sajak purchased a pen used in Trump’s impeachment.

Donald Trump Criticized Projected Election Results

Projected election results have been the norm in past elections. Outlets usually declare a projected winner to the public on Election Night. Media outlets tally the remaining votes in a state and the percentage of votes to project a winner. According to NPR, vote counting continuing past Election Day has occurred in all the previous elections. In December, the electoral college will cast their votes for the next president based on how their states voted in the election.

Some people, Sajak included, have criticized projected election results in the 2020 election due to the number of mail-in votes used in the election. For instance, Trump and his supporters blasted Fox News and the Associated Press when they called Arizona in favor of Joe Biden.

During the election, Arizona ended up being one of several key-states both Biden and Trump battled over. Ultimately, the margin between Trump and Biden was around 11,000 votes in favor of the Democratic candidate.