‘Wheel of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Ripped Show’s Shopping Segment, Explained Why Show is Better Now

Longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak took some time out during a December episode to criticize an old shopping segment that was once part of the show.

After decades of hosting Wheel of Fortune, the 74-year-old Sajak has seen multiple segments come and go from the popular game show. However, there is one in particular that he doesn’t seem to miss. Sajak took a swipe at the show’s sopping rounds segment, calling it “the most boring three minutes of television.”

They eventually got rid of the old segment in 1987. But while it was active, it featured players spending their winnings on a rotating selection of home goods, fashions, and other novelties. Later in the episode, the Wheel of Fortune star doubled down on his thoughts. He decided to go on another tangent about how much he hated the ’80s shopping segment.

“You know one of our players, Chris, said something that a lot of people say to me, they say, ‘Oh, I really miss the shopping days on the show,” Sajak told his co-host, White. “You think, in retrospect, ‘Oh, that was kind of fun,’ but, really, it was this thing going around with the [contestant’s] head in a circle, and she’d be going, ‘I’ll have the table.’ It was really not exciting television. We like it just the way it is.”

And evidently, Sajak’s longtime co-host Vanna White feels the exact same.

“I don’t miss them,” she said. “It’s so much better now.”

Not the First Time Wheel of Fortune Host Criticizes Shopping Segment

Sajak has been notoriously critical of the Wheel of Fortune shopping rounds over the years. At this point, it’s almost as if he has a personal vendetta against the old segment.

In fact, he opened up yet again about his least favorite Wheel of Fortune piece back in the early 2000s. Sajak had a website called PatSajak.com, where he often answered fan questions through the site’s “Ask Pat” portion of the page. It was there where he once again revealed his dislike for the shopping segment. He told his fans that he would not be implementing it again.

“Trust me, it was the most boring two minutes in television as shoppers hemmed and hawed over whether they wanted the dining room table or the floor lamp,” Sajak wrote, according to Fandom.

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