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White House Rose Garden: Melania Trump’s Full Renovations Revealed

(photo credit: JIM WATSON / Contributor / Getty Images)

Melania Trump completed the renovation on the White House Rose Garden just in time to make her speech from there during the Republican National Convention. The First Lady returned the garden closer to its original appearance from 1962 when John F. Kennedy held office.

This past Saturday, Melania and President Donald Trump hosted a private reception to reveal the garden. They invited the private donors responsible for footing the bill for the renovation. She also shared photos of the garden on social media.

“Excited to honor history & celebrate the future in our beautiful @WhiteHouse Rose Garden this evening,” she captioned the post. “Thank you to all who helped renew this iconic & truly gorgeous space.”


At the reception, Melania spoke about the reasoning behind giving the Rose Garden a facelift. “Gardens are symbols of growth and hope,” she said. “We celebrate this garden in the hope that future generations will not only enjoy – but also draw inspiration and strength – from this space where so much of our history has been shared.”

Melania Trump on Why She Wanted to Revamp the White House Rose Garden

Melania announced the plans to revamp the White House Rose Garden earlier this summer. She posted about the plans on Instagram writing, “Even in the most difficult times, the @WhiteHouse Rose Garden has stood as a symbol of strength & continuity. Today, it is my pleasure to announce our plans to renew & restore this iconic space so that we preserve its history & beauty for generations to come.”

While the East Wing didn’t reveal how much the renovation cost, the Garden needed major upgrades. The area required electrical upgrades, new ADA accessible walkways, and other general repairs, Daily Mail reports.

During the renovation period, the garden closed for about five weeks. Not only did Melania pay tribute to the garden’s original look, but also she hoped to keep her husband in mind. According to the First Lady’s office, the removal of a holly ledge provides for a better view for the President during his daily commute from the residence to the Oval Office.

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