The White House Rules for Joe Biden’s ‘Really Good’ Pet German Shepherds

President Joe Biden brought one thing to the White House that most Americans can agree on. He brought not just one but two dogs. The German Shepherds’ names are Champ and Major. And, by all accounts, they are very good boys.

The President and First Lady spoke with “People” about their pets during a recent interview. Major and Champ don’t have many rules to follow, according to the Bidens. This is because both dogs received training early-on. The dogs mind their Ps and Qs naturally. So, the First Family doesn’t have to worry much about keeping them in line.

Of the older of the pair, Joe Biden said, “Champ is old, he’s 14 years old and he was extremely well-trained by the Canine Corps and he thinks he’s Secret Service.”

Major, the younger of the two is only a year-and-half old. Where Champ is exemplary and doesn’t break any rules, Major has one issue. He gets on the furniture. However, he doesn’t get on all of the furniture all of the time. In fact, Major only gets on the furniture when Jill and Joe Biden’s grandkids are staying with them. Even then, he only gets on the bed when the kids are ready to call it a night.

According to Dr. Biden, Major sneaks in when they go to say good night to their grandkids. President Biden added that the German Shepherd will jump in the bed with the kids. I’m sure it’s tough to say no to grandkids with a dog.

Joe and Jill Biden’s Dogs

Champ should feel right at home in the White House. While it is his first time living there, he’s familiar with the grounds. The old pooch was with Joe and Jill Biden during Joe’s stretch as Vice President. So, not only does he have some familiar ground to tread but he also should be used to the daily goings-on in DC. Hopefully, he sets a good example for Major.

Joe Biden’s dog Major is the first rescue dog to call the White House home. The Biden family adopted him from the Delaware Humane Association. According to the piece in “People,” they fostered him first but decided to give him a forever home after having him for a while. Before being adopted by the First Family, Major was part of a litter of puppies that were surrendered. He and his littermates were in poor health when they came into the Delaware Humane Association. It looks like Major has put all of that behind him, though. From the looks of things, he is thriving in his new environment.

If you want to see photos of the First Dogs, you can follow their official Instagram account. There, you will find pictures and videos of the Presidential Pooches enjoying life in the nation’s capital.

For instance, check out this photo of Champ and Major enjoying a snow day.