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Why New York City May No Longer Be a UFO Hotspot

(Photo by: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

New York City is known for a variety of things and one of those happens to be a huge number of annual UFO sightings. Interestingly enough, 2021 saw a huge nosedive regarding UFO reports.

Whether aliens have found a new hotspot or not is anyone’s guess, but the New York Post states UFO sightings this year plummeted by 41 percent. The National UFO Reporting Center confirmed this information, saying reports are down to 27 from 46 last year. Brooklynites voiced the most sightings, totaling 11.

Nonetheless, when witnesses discussed sightings, they provided remarkable details. One example includes a specific report on November 1 about a craft with “glowing orbs changing color… from red to green and orange.”

Another detailed encounter occurred on February 9 around 10:45 p.m. The eyewitness said they saw an “egg-shaped cylindrical object… with a solid light in front streak across the sky.” Going further, they said “I can barely see anything in the sky in Brooklyn, and I’ve seen my fair share of shooting stars. It was too discernible to be one. … I’m a pretty skeptical person, but after an hour of thinking about the event, I have no rational explanation for it.”

Two days later around 7:15 p.m., two people on Staten Island also saw something streaking across the sky. “I looked West and witnessed a fireball traveling from west to east not too fast,” mentioned one of the two reporters. “I said to a man pumping gas next to me: ‘Do you see that?’ He answered ‘yes.’ … It definitely was not fireworks or a flare. Because it kept the same steady trajectory until it was out of sight. It made no noise.”

Despite reports dipping significantly in some areas, UFO sightings are receiving a lot of attention lately.

President Biden Creates UFO Investigation Unit

Even the government is perking its head when it comes to UFO sightings. The new defense bill President Biden signed for 2022 includes a UFO investigation unit.

X-Files fans are likely ecstatic right now, as the $770 billion defense bill created a ground-based agency solely looking into UFO sightings. The Sun notes the unit will investigate any “threat” posed by foreign craft and oversee attempts to “capture” them. Further, the unit will report to Congress about their findings in annual and biannual reports.

The team doesn’t just deal with UFOs though. It will also discuss “any efforts to capture or exploit” alien phenomena. This includes examining “health-related effects” for humans who encounter these objects and phenomena. Unclassified reports on these happenings will also have to be released every year on October 31.

The US taking UFO sightings seriously has also put pressure on the UK to do the same, as it previously said many times it has no interest in investigating UFOs. Though its attitude remains the same currently, it could change in time.