Willie Nelson Releases ‘Vote ‘Em Out’ Music Video Ahead of 2020 Election

Willie Nelson is once again wading into politics with his latest music video. A re-release of a song he dropped in 2018, “Vote ‘Em Out” hopes to get people to head to the polls on Nov. 3 and vote. He released the original during the 2018 “Turn Out For Texas” rally, WhiskeyRiff.com reports.

Nelson doesn’t pick a side, instead, the country legend just wants people to exercise their Constitutional right.

“If you don’t like who’s in there, vote ’em out,” he sings in the animated video. “That’s what Election Day is all about. The biggest gun we’ve got is called the ballot box. So if you don’t like who’s in there, vote ’em out.”

“The Honeysuckle Rose” star may sing this song Saturday when performs at the 35th edition of Farm Aid. Nelson will be joined by Neil Young, Dave Matthews, Chris Stapleton, Bonnie Rait, Jack Johnson, Jon Baptiste, Norah Jones and many others. The entire show will be broadcast on YouTube beginning at 8 p.m. Sept. 26.

The show went completely digital this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Farm Aid has raised more than $60 million to promote family farms, its website said. Willie Nelson, along with Neil Young and John Mellencamp, started Farm Aid in 1985 to raise awareness of disappearing family farms in America and to raise funds to help those farmers keep their land. Dave Matthews joined the organization in 2001.

Willie Nelson stays busy

Aside from his endless concert schedule, Nelson has been busy elsewhere lately The icon released a memoir with his sister Bobbie titled appropriately “Me and My Sister Bobbie.” In it, he opens up about his “wandering ways” and how he cheated on several wives. He also explains how he fell in love with his wife Annie D’Angelo on a movie set.

Willie, known for his love of marijuana, broke the news late last year that he had to stop smoking weed, the USA Today reported. He said he had to stop because of breathing problems. But that hasn’t stopped him from being an advocate for its legalization. Nor has it stopped people from telling Willie Nelson weed stories.

President Jimmy Carter may have the best one. In a new documentary he admits that his son smoked pot with the Redheaded Stranger on the roof of the White House.

“When Willie Nelson wrote his autobiography, he confessed that he smoked pot in the White House one night when he was spending the night with me,” the 95-year-old former president said in the doc, per People. “And he says that his companion that shared the pot with him was one of the servants in the White House. That is not exactly true — it actually was one of my sons, which he didn’t want to categorize as a pot-smoker like him.”