Woman Dies in Elevator After It Suddenly Drops Between Floors

On Monday, a Boston woman in her 30s was crushed to death in an apartment building after an elevator dropped between floors while she was loading a package inside. 

Police say that they became aware of the issue in the apartment building in Allston around 5 p.m. The woman was moving into her new apartment when the situation took place. Her body was in the elevator on the first floor. Officials pronounced her dead at the scene. 

A witness at the scene said she “heard just an ungodly scream and we ran into the hallway and saw a gentleman who was in distress screaming and hyperventilating and saying she’s dead, she’s dead.” 

Police kept residents out of the building for 90 minutes while they investigate the scene. The elevator became stuck between the first floor and the basement of the building.

Residents that saw the woman’s death say that everything happened so quickly that there wasn’t anything they could do to help her.

“I guess maybe the package and the woman were over the limit of what the elevator could handle. So then what my wife said she saw was the lady’s arms like hanging onto her package,” said Eric Carmichael, the husband of an eye witness.

Old Elevator Might be to Blame

Carmichael refers to the freak-accident as terrifying because it could have happened to any of the building residents. 

“Terrible old elevator that should have been probably kept up better,” Carmichael states.

“It’s a two-slide door system, and unless that door is completely shut, it does not move ever,” Nevada Foskit, a resident of the apartment, said. “If something did happen, it clearly had to be faulty.”

It’s unknown when inspection for the elevator was. Officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, along with police, are still investigating. According to tax records, the building broke ground in the 1920s. Installation of the elevators is also unknown.

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