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Woman Pens Blisteringly Honest Obituary for Husband Who Dies From Coronavirus, Goes Viral

(photo credit: Roman Kraft / Unsplash)

After a 79-year-old Texas man died from the coronavirus, his wife used his obituary to blame those she feels are responsible for his “needless death.” The woman penned a scathing letter calling out President Donald Trump, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and her fellow Texans.

David W. Nagy passed on July 22, 2020. According to his obituary, his family says that Nagy “suffered greatly from the ravages of the COVID-19 virus.”

In the last three paragraphs of the obituary, Nagy’s wife, Stacey, lays out the family’s thoughts. “David’s death was needless. The blame for his death and the deaths of all the other innocent people, falls on Trump, Abbott and all the other politicians who did not take this pandemic seriously and were more concerned with their popularity and votes than lives,” the obit reads.

The letter continues: “Also to blame are the many ignorant, self centered and selfish people who refused to follow the advice of the medical professionals, believing their ‘right’ not to wear a mask was more important than killing innocent people. Dave did everything he was supposed to do, but you did not. Shame on all of you, and may Karma find you all!”

Stacey further addressed her husband’s passing on social media. She believes that people refuse to take the pandemic seriously. “The people who are dying are the older people especially—a lot of younger people are dying too—but it’s almost like they’re saying, ‘Who cares about the older people?’ I’ve been with my husband for 20 years and all of a sudden he’s gone. People should know how this makes others feel,” she writes.

In conclusion, Stacey draws attention to families that lost loved ones. “There’s been thousands of other husbands and wives and fathers and mothers and brothers that have died.”

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