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Woman Snaps Selfie With Bear That Sneaks up on Her, Video Reveals

(photo credit: Joshua Reddekopp / Unsplash)

A shocking new video circulating on social media shows a woman snapping a selfie with a bear creeping up right behind her. The incident took place on a popular hiking trail at the Chipinque Ecological Park in Mexico.

As of Thursday, the video racked up more than 875k views on Twitter. The clip shows a large black bear approaching a group of hikers on the trail. The bear walks up to the group and stands up on its hind legs while curiously sniffing around one of the hikers. As the bear gets close, one woman holds her phone and snaps a selfie with the bear.

In another angle of the same incident, the video shows the bear sniffing on the hiker’s hair. The group does their best to stay as still as possible as to not spook the bear.

After the video surfaced online, a number of Twitter users weighed in the incident. “This was super scary!!” one user writes. “She was super freaked! You can hear her fear when the bear nibbles her leg. I think the selfie was to distract herself of what really was happening!!”

“From the way he left her alone after she took the pic, it looks like he asked her to take it,” another user tweeted. Another user offered a helpful tip writing, “One thing that is known to prevent wildlife/human interactions is to make noise as you walk, wear a bell for example.”

A number of viewers also commended the hiker for keeping her cool. “No way in hell I would’ve stayed that calm,” one user wrote. “It really is amazing how she was able to keep her composure. Definitely a veteran hiker,” another commented.

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