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Woman Speaks Out After 40 Years About ‘Unnerving’ UFO Sighting

(Photo credit: Ray Massey via Getty Images)

In recent years, we’ve seen reports of UFO sightings become more common. The rise of the internet gave like-minded individuals a place to gather and share their stories. That space grew by leaps and bounds with the advent of social media. More recently, the United States government has started seriously investigating UFOs. Combined, this means that stigma around reporting a UFO sighting is slowly starting to fade.

However, it wasn’t always like that. Years ago, reporting a UFO sighting would effectively ruin your life. People were quick to brand those who saw strange crafts liars or loons. Despite the detrimental effects reporting a sighting could have, many claimed that witnesses were after fame and money. Usually, they only received mockery and harassment. This is why many people started keeping their strange sightings to themselves. For instance, Vicky Dinsdale, a Todmorden, Yorkshire, UK resident saw a UFO back in 1981. She only recently broke her four-decade-long silence, according to Yorkshire Live.

Dinsdale’s 1981 UFO Sighting

Back in 1981, Vicky Dinsdale and her grandfather were walking Vicky’s dog near the town of Todmorden. While walking, they spotted a diamond-shaped craft hovering in the sky. Speaking to the BBC podcast Uncanny about her UFO sighting, Dinsdale said, “It was sort of a long, thin diamond shape and it was white initially. Then, it went through a sequence and it kind of changed to green, red, and blue.”

Dinsdale said the craft made no sound which made the UFO sighting that much more unnerving. Then, after the brief encounter, “It just vanished and we just stood there,” she said. Vicky’s grandfather, a WWII veteran, brought up a previous sighting in the area and how it ruined the witness’s life. Thinking practically, the veteran told Vicky, “We’ve seen it. We know we’ve seen it and nobody else needs to know about it.”

Dinsdale obeyed her grandfather. According to the podcast interview, she never spoke to anyone about the UFO sighting until very recently, not even her boyfriend of 30 years. She told him about her experience the day before she appeared on Uncanny.

Todmorden’s Interesting UFO History

Todmorden is known for its history of UFO sightings. More specifically, the town has a history of encounters with diamond-shaped UFOs. The year before Dinsdale saw the craft, Alan Godfrey, a local police officer saw a similar UFO. His experience led Dinsdale’s grandfather to keep their own encounter quiet.

Other UFO sightings in the area include one fifteen years after Dinsdale’s. Additionally, two local policemen saw a similar craft in 1901, two years before the Wright Brothers took their first flights at Kitty Hawk. This disproves the theory that these crafts were part of some Cold War-era test flights.

The truth is out there and with every witness who comes forward, we get closer to finding it.