Woodford Reserve Reveals Stunning Kentucky Derby 148 Bottle

I don’t know if y’all can feel it like I can. Spring is around the corner, and that means Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby bottles.

Outsiders, let me tell you what I’m feeling. Here in Kentucky, we are starting to see trees growing small buds, the Easter flowers are trying to bloom, and that means one thing… the first Saturday in May is right around the corner. Louisville Metro schools will close for the festivities during the week. Locals will go to Wednesday night’s meet while the people who want to act like locals go to Thurby, the Thursday before Derby day.

Meanwhile, Woodford Reserve’s Kentucky Derby bottles are set to release. Nothing like bourbon and racing.

Jaime Corum is the artist who put this beautiful bottle together. It just looks like springtime in Kentucky printed to a bottle and I can’t wait to see one of these in person.

The Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby bottle has a proud tradition. This is the 22nd year that Woodford has been the official bourbon of the Derby. And this is the 22nd edition of these beautiful bottles. Corum, an artist that lives in Louisville, has a ton of experience in equine art. This was a great pairing. Just like Woodford, a pinch of sugar, splash of water, and a bit of fresh mint.

Jaime Corum, Equine Artist and Proud Kentuckian

Make no mistake, an artist like Jaime Corum knows what she is doing when depicting a horse on canvas. She has been riding for years. And, she has painted the likes of American Pharoah, Justified, Zenyatta, and Rachel Alexandra. All former Horse of the Year winners. American Pharoah and Justified are both Triple Crown winners.

From Pineville, Kentucky in Bell County, you won’t find a more passionate and dedicated artist to the sport of horse racing and horses in general. She has worked so hard over her career, and now as the artist for the Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 148 bottle, she adds another notch onto her resume that will be one of her most well-known works. Check out her site and see some of her work for yourself.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby Bottles of the Past

When you think of bourbon there are so many out there now that come to mind. As a Kentuckian, Woodford Reserve is one of the first names I think of. 22 years now of these great bottles. Let’s talk about these past designs that Distillery Trail was able to get a look at.

The first bottle in 1999 was a simple gold outline of the Twin Spires at Churchill Downs with the track name below where the stands would be. And under that in a gold bar, it just says “125th Kentucky Derby.” First one, we’ll forgive the simple design.

After that, Kentucky got really into these outline designs. They were everywhere. Colorful outlines, usually green, red, or blue of horses racing. These designs were even on official state signs, and for three years, on these Woodford Reserve Kentucky Dery bottles. They’re nice designs, but nothing wild. And, it got repetitive from 2000-2002.

Once we got over the outline designs, 2003 showed up with the simplest design. Just “Kentucky Derby 2003” written across the bottle in gold hand-written lettering. The bottle is saved by the green and black diamond silk design around the cork.

By 2004, Woodford had stepped things up. They were putting paintings on the bottles, with the art made specifically for the bottle. Ever since then, there have been some awesome designs. However, the Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby 148 bottle might be my favorite.

Corum’s design lives up to the name, “Dreams in Bloom.” It looks like something from a dream, it is full of color and life, and depicts three gorgeous horses better than any bottle before it. Make sure to order a bottle, they won’t last long.