‘Yellowstone’: Did Luke Grimes Confirm Future Kayce-Avery Romance?

The fifth season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is on its way and it could have a curveball for Kayce Dutton.

Swinging at a curveball is nothing new for Kayce Dutton, “Yellowstone” Ranch owner John Dutton’s lone biological son. The fourth season really did a number on Kayce, played wonderfully by veteran actor Luke Grimes. He avenges the attack on his father early in the season, making quick work of the attackers in a spectacular shootout. With his young family, wife Monica, and son Tate, struggling with the aftermath of the attack, Kayce decides a change of scenery would be in everyone’s best interest. They relocate to the local Broken Rock Native American Reservation where a big surprise is awaiting Kayce. It’s former “Yellowstone” Ranch hand Avery, and she makes clear that she has the hots for Kayce. He is able to initially resist her advances but it appears Avery is unwilling to take no for answer.

In a recent interview, Grimes says we’ve not likely seen the end of Avery and her pursuit of Kayce.

“It becomes clear to him that, okay, there is something going on there and I need to be careful around this person,” the actor says.

Grimes says nothing to squash the notion that Kayce could have a new romance in the upcoming new season. Tanaya Beaty, the actress portraying Avery, also says “Yellowstone” fans may not have yet seen the end of Avery’s pursuit of Kayce.

“He has priorities… as he should with Monica,” Beatty says. “Avery does not like that.”

To this point on “Yellowstone,” all of the “flirting” has come from Avery toward Kayce and not the other way around. Kayce has stood his ground though, refusing to compromise his commitment to Monica and his family.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Sends Kayce on a Vision Quest

When Kayce begins seeing a wolf seemingly following and protecting him, he seeks out guidance from Broken Rock leaders. Tribal Chief Thomas Rainwater and his advisor, Mo, tell Kayce he must go on a vision quest. That means spending four days and four nights in the wilderness without food or water.

Kayce has several visions while on his quest. He sees his older brother, Lee Dutton, who died in the first “Yellowstone” season. Kayce also has flashbacks to his time as a Navy Seal. He also sees Avery in his vision and imagines having an intimate relationship with her.

When he is done with his quest, he returns home where his wife, Monica, is expecting their second child. When Monica asks Kayce what he saw in his vision quest, he gives a most cryptic answer.

“I saw the end of us,” he says to Monica.

This statement could mean all sorts of different things. It’s likely we will revisit this moment in season five and it could set the storyline for a “Yellowstone” love triangle.