‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 May Debut With Back to Back Episodes, Fewer Commercials

Looking forward to the next season of Yellowstone? Paramount Network could be aiming to air back to back episodes for Season 4. There may also be less commercials, which means there’s plenty of reason to rejoice.

Variety reports that Paramount Network is soon rebranding to Paramount Movie Network. With that change may come a new focus on movies and mini-series, including “blockbusters” like Yellowstone.

According to ViacomCBS’s Chris McCarthy, the team is “doubling down” on scripted but diversifying with made for TV movies, mini-series, etc. That means the team is considering putting episodes of the show back to back live next season. The idea is to channel the feeling of watching a movie instead of TV.

That means when Season 4 rolls around, there could be even less commercials. It’s also a good start for there to be more content available to watch at a time than usual. Seeing as the third season’s finale attracted 7.6 million viewers alone, the show is certainly doing well for itself.

It’s a great time to start watching Yellowstone if you haven’t already. Being able to binge your favorite show all at once is a coup, no matter what it is you watch.

[H/T: WhiskeyRiff]