‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Reveals ‘Favorite Behind-the-Scenes’ Season 4 Pics

On Monday afternoon, Yellowstone star Hassie Harrison shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos from Season 4 of the hit Paramount show.

Harrison portrays Laramie, one of the few women that are part of the Dutton ranch bunkhouse. The actress joined the Yellowstone cast in Season 3 as the friend of Jimmy’s girlfriend at the time, Mia (Eden Brolin). Laramie took a liking to veteran ranch hand Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) early on. However, she kicked him to the curb for another ranch hand, guitar-playing songwriter Walker (Ryan Bingham).

The love triangle turned things upside-down in the bunkhouse for a while. Harrison’s character became more of a mainstay in Season 4 as the Lloyd and Walker feud heated up. In fact, the 31-year-old Texan appeared in five episodes last season compared to appearing in eight of the ten Season 4 episodes. So her Yellowstone role continues to increase, and she’s got quite a few photos from her extended time on-set this past year.

Town and Country Magazine recently featured an article about Harrison’s time filming Yellowstone. She shared multiple behind-the-scenes photos from her time in Montana shooting the most recent season. The outlet shared a series of pics from the actress who also posted a select few to her Instagram account today. The photos highlight the gorgeous landscapes of Montana that are a highlight of the popular Paramount show. There’s even a snap of Laramie, Mia, and the third female bunkhouse member, Teeter (Jen Landon).

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Buys $2.5 Million California Home

It’s good to be on a hit show like Yellowstone, and it doesn’t hurt to come from a wealthy background either. Actress Hassie Harrison would agree with both since a few months back she bought her dream home near Los Angeles in the canyons.

For a whopping $2.5 million, Harrison bought “a beautiful hacienda-style home” that she closed on in late September of last year. The 2,659-square-foot L.A. county home sits on 1.46 acres of land and has impressive views of the surrounding mountains.

The home was constructed in 1958, but it’s been updated in recent history to look like a Mediterranean villa. It features four bedrooms and four bathrooms with many of the home’s rooms showing off expansive views of the canyon. It also has a private entrance with only one road that leads to the gated property.

The Yellowstone star’s new home has all the modern features you’d expect from a multi-million dollar house. There’s a huge fireplace that’s the centerpiece of the living room among the home’s open floor plan. Wooden floors and wooden ceilings adorn the house. In addition, a wooden island and floating wood shelves are in the kitchen. With plenty of natural light allowed into the home, it sounds like the perfect place for Harrison when she’s not in Montana filming new episodes of Yellowstone.