‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Featured in Emotional New Clip From ‘FBI: Most Wanted’

Yellowstone star Jen Landon joined the cast of “FBI: Most Wanted” recently as the show is in its second season.

On Yellowstone, Landon plays the tough-talking but loveable ranch hand Teeter — the only female among the bunkhouse crew. Tough, confident and smart, Teeter knows her way around a ranch. She is also more than capable of keeping up with the boys. We are first introduced to Teeter when Rip Wheeler hires her to be a hand on Yellowstone ranch. Blessed with cowgirl talent in droves, she makes herself right at home inside the Yellowstone bunkhouse. Landon was an excellent addition to the cast as her character brings charm and even a little comic relief to the show.

On her other show, FBI: Most Wanted, the Yellowstone star plays Sarah Allen, the love interest of series protagonist Jess LaCroix. Veteran actor Julian McMahon plays LaCroix in the CBS drama series. Landon was recently featured in a social media clip from the show. Attending the wedding of Jess’s father, she can be seen dancing and enjoying the wedding party while Jess looks less enthused. The video appears on the show’s Instagram account on Wednesday afternoon. The Yellowstone star is only briefly featured in the clip.

“Sage advice,” the post says. The Instagram post then recites a line from an upcoming episode from actor Terry O’Quinn, who plays Jess’s father, Byron LaCroix.

“The important thing is: I took a chance,” he says to his son. “What are you waiting for?”

Yellowstone Fans Want More of Teeter in Season 4

While she is her usual terrific self on FBI: Most Wanted, Yellowstone fans can’t wait to see what season four has in store for Landon and Teeter.

The cowgirl saw more and more camera time as the third season rolled on. Throughout the season we see her tease and flirt with fellow ranch hand, Colby, much to his dismay. Colby finally realizes his feelings for Teeter after a near-death experience at the hands of Wade Morrow and his son, Clint. The two must pull together as a team the ordeal and later get their revenge by killing Wade and Clint. The two share a romantic moment before returning to the bunkhouse. After assisting in the killing of the Morrows, Rip Wheeler bestows the Yellowstone “Y” brand on both of them.

It will be exciting to see where Colby and Teeter’s budding relationship takes them and is one that fans definitely want to see more of.