‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Discussed Induction into Hall of Great Western Performers After Growing up in Compton

Yellowstone lead actor Kevin Costner is a man of multiple talents and he was recognized for these talents by the Hall of Great Western Performers.

In a 2019 interview with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Costner talks about the honor and the irony of his induction. He says not many people would believe a youth from Compton, California could make it as a western performer.

“It’s the Cowboy Hall of Fame,” he explains to Kimmel. The talk show host then jokingly asks if anyone else from Compton is in the Cowboy Hall of Fame. The comment draws a bellowing life from the Yellowstone rancher.

“I consider it a really great honor,” he says. “Compton or Hollywood can seem like Mars to everyone. When I was back there (Oklahoma) I said, ‘I’m going to talk to you and you’ve thought enough of me to give me this award and when I am done you will see that we have quite a bit in common.’”

Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner Has Numerous Talents

The now 66-year-old Costner has been a Hollywood leading man and A-lister for some time now. His list of credits in television and film stack up against the very best the entertainment world has ever seen. In addition to his acting skills, Costner also succeeds with a guitar in hand and microphone at his mouth.

He founded “Kevin Costner and Modern West” in 2007 and the band has its own flavor of country western rock music. With the COVID-19 pandemic still lingering, the Yellowstone star put his touring band on hold for a bit. However, the group is back playing small venues with heavy COVID-19 precautions. Kevin Costner and Modern West actually played a live show recently in Texas.

On the television side, Costner primarily focuses on Yellowstone and his character, ranch owner John Dutton. He does have an interesting show in the works for the future, called “National Parks,” but Yellowstone is getting the lion’s share of his attention for the moment. The previous season of Yellowstone ends on a cliffhanger with Dutton and two of his children under attack from an unknown entity.

Yellowstone fans can’t wait to see how Costner plays the elder, grizzled cowboy in the upcoming new season.