‘Yellowstone’ Stars Reveal the Biggest Celebrities on Their Phone

Yellowstone‘s cast members are decorated celebrities themselves, but what happens when they are asked who the biggest stars are on their phones?

A number of the cast members share their most famous names on their cellphones in a three-minute video posted on the Paramount Network’s official Youtube and the series’ social media pages.

Who are the Most Famous Celebrities In Your Phone?

Denim Richards, who plays Colby, didn’t miss a beat with his answer. The most famous person programmed into Richards’s phone is actor, singer-songwriter, and producer, Jamie Foxx.

Forrie Smith, who plays Lloyd, the cow boss for the Dutton Family Ranch, says that Taylor Sheridan was the most famous person on his phone. Sheridan is the co-creator of the series Yellowstone. Sheridan also made an appearance in an episode as a rival cowboy. It seems like Smith might be sucking up to the boss a bit…

Teeter, played by 37-year-old Jennifer Landon, says that she cannot reveal who her celebrity is. She goes on to jokingly wipe her nose while slyly saying “Obama” then quickly following up with “I’m kidding.”

Blonde Barrel Racer, Laramie, played by Hassie Harrison, giggles as she admits that she cannot say her celebrity, but does say, “I’ve got some cool ones. Some that I’m still like, ‘Woah.’ Some that I’ll be like scrolling and texting and be like, ‘Oh my God and can’t believe that person’s in my phone.’”

Jefferson White, who portrays the quirky criminal-turned-cowboy and rodeo star Jimmy, says that co-star Kevin Costner is the most famous person in his phone. Costner plays the head of the ranch, John Dutton. He reanswers the question again later with his mouth blurred out. “That person is so famous that you had to redact their name.”

The video also goes on to ask other tough questions, like if they had to arm wrestle one other person from the cast, who would it be. Another question asked was, what would be their go-to callsign, and who would you save in a deadly situation.