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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s Why Beth Dutton Is Even Better When Rewatching First 3 Seasons

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Beth Dutton is like a nice bottle of wine. She gets better with age, or in this case, when you rewatch Yellowstone’s three seasons.

You have to know what kind of person Beth Dutton is to understand her attitude.

The first time we watched Yellowstone, we can agree that Beth was a little intense. She has the mouth of a sailor with a demeanor that makes her a threat to anyone she is fighting. While also brilliant, Beth Dutton is manipulative and can crush any enemy that her father John throws in front of her.

But yes, after watching her character the first time, I thought she was a loose cannon and very hateful. Little did we know all the reasons and situations that turned her into this “spider.”

Beth Dutton holds her family close. Well, mostly just Kayce and her father, John. She quit her job in Salt Lake City to move back to the massive Montana ranch to fight for her family.

While she loves her family, Beth also hates her brother Jamie. Well, the adopted brother unbeknown to everyone but John. We later learn why she is so rude to Jamie.

Beth Dutton Turns Cold as Ice

Besides Jamie being a snake by the end of season three, when he was younger, Jamie decided to “preserve” his family’s name by not taking Beth to a proper abortion clinic and brought her to a clinic that will only perform an abortion with a hysterectomy. Poor young and scared Beth had no idea what the long-term consequences of this choice by Jamie would do.

The other reason Beth Dutton is so cold is due to her mother’s death when she was also young. Beth has never been a cowboy like the rest of her family. She is uneasy and shakes like a leaf in the back of a horse. For this reason, her horse spooked and therefore made Evelyn’s (Beth’s mother) horse roll on her and crush her.

Some of the last words she said to Beth were that her death was her daughter’s fault. Yeah, that would probably mess a kid up inside.

So once you rewatch the whole series, you understand Beth Dutton’s past, so you better know her now where her hatred sprouted from.

Fans on Reddit agree, saying they missed many scenes with Beth the first time they watched the series.

“We just started rewatching because we felt there was so much we had either missed or forgotten,” explained online user TXMom2Two. “At the end of S1E1, Beth says to John, ‘Just tell me who to fight, daddy.’ That line speaks to her entire character. I know a lot of people on here don’t like Beth, but I think she’s the best part of the show. And we’re realizing just how much Jamie’s character has changed. He’s become really wimpy both personally and professionally. Too bad.”

We also see Beth as one of our favorite characters in Yellowstone, but now we are just holding our breath to see if she will survive season three.