‘Yellowstone’ TV: Costume Designer Johnetta Boone Says Each Character ‘Has a Color Palette’ to Pull Wardrobe From

“The costumes tell you who the characters are.” Watch as ‘Yellowstone’s brilliant costume designer, Johnetta Boone, explains how she creates the look of each iconic character on the show.

Cable’s #1 drama is celebrating one of their most talented crew members Wednesday. In this fascinating feature, ‘Yellowstone‘s costume-designer-extraordinaire, Johnetta Boone, spills the beans on how she ensures each character shines in their own unique, striking way.

“Costumes tell you who the characters are,” Boone begins. “Color plays a large part in it, but you can’t just judge a book by it’s cover!”

Boone’s incredible work features everything from “uniforms, to civilian wear, to western wear – just everything.”

“Everyone has a color palette that they sort of live inside of,” the costume designer continues. Her creative process started with “JD,” John Dutton, “then Beth, then Kacye, then I sort of went from there,” she reveals.

To further each character’s palette, Boone will read each of show creator Taylor Sheridan’s script two times over. Three times, even, when she feels the need.

“It’s all very pictorial when he puts it on the page,” she says of Sheridan’s writing. As a result, Boone is able to pull much of her aesthetic directly from the page. “If you’re paying enough attention, it’ll jump right out at you and [the script will] describe – with an underlying description – what the palette is,” she continues of her process.

‘Yellowstone’s Costume Designer Reveals Her Favorite, Most Iconic Piece of Clothing on the Show

Johnetta Boone’s love for her work shines brightly in the well-deserved feature. She’s all smiles with every frame, citing the work as a “dream job” she never thought she’d end up with. And her favorite piece so far – out all the pieces she’s picked for ‘Yellowstone’?

“Well I must say, iconically, the JD jacket was the first thing that popped,” she reveals of John Dutton‘s timeless affect, which features prominently in the clip above. “Which is the taupe with the rust, Western yoke.”

“It fit him perfectly,” she recalls for ‘Yellowstone’ headliner Kevin Costner. “And then I was able to build his additional costumes from there.”

“[Costner] also has designers that he wears that are very specific, even in jeans, because they fit well. And that’s what you want to go with. When it fits, you don’t want to break what’s not broken!”

“Truer words have never been spoken,” John Dutton quips in an included clip. We agree, JD!

All considered, it’s no surprise why every character on ‘Yellowstone’ looks pitch-perfect with each episode – color palette and all. As such, Paramount is in excellent hands with one Johnetta Boone.