‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Debate if They’re ‘Team Jamie’ or ‘Team Beth’

Although we didn’t really think it was up for debate, Yellowstone fans are picking sides. Are you Team Jamie or Team Beth?

Yellowstone has brought us two very different characters. Both have their redeeming qualities while also mainly being filled with anger and hate.

Jamie vs Beth

Jamie is a lawyer and constantly trying to weasel his way into his father, John’s good graces. Don’t get us wrong, we feel bad for him at first, but that runs out after he wrongs the family time and time again and eventually cuts ties. Now it’s even possible that Jamie ordered the attacks on the rest of his family. Sheesh!

Beth isn’t some Heaven-sent angel either, though. She has dealt with some traumatizing situations growing up, and it has left her cold and mean to everyone but her family. We’ve never seen a more bad*ss and scary little woman than Beth Dutton.

One of the reasons that Beth hates her brother so much is because of a situation that happened when she was a young teenager. After getting close to the new orphan boy on the ranch, named Rip, Beth finds herself pregnant with his child. Unbeknownst to Rip, Beth seeks the assistance of her older brother, Jamie. He drives her to a nearby clinic to have an abortion, but the center warns him that a hysterectomy must also be performed. Jamie agrees, claiming he was trying to preserve the family name, and his young sister is left infertile for the rest of her life.

So yeah, we can see why Beth would be a bit hostile toward Jamie.

Reddit Places Blame on Unlikely Yellowstone Person

Reddit users debate the situation, though, instead of choosing between Team Beth or Jamie, most are blaming the Yellowstone writers.

“I understand why “the writers” (aka Taylor Sheridan) chose this approach, but it seems too unrealistic,” explains fan 7Ruby18. “1) Beth would have been told, in detail, by the staff what was going to happen BEFORE it happened. 2) Would the doctor, knowing Beth was non-native and underage and had no legal guardian present and that she was a Dutton, have even allowed her in the facility, let alone perform a hysterectomy? I also wasn’t keen on the fact that later that night or early morning, she was up and walking around looking like she felt physically fine. Hell, people have looked and felt worse after having a tooth pulled.”

Is John the Issue?

However, some were placing the blame on John and his fathering skills, or lack thereof them.

“I’m team both. Beth has a right to be mad, of course. However, if John had been a better father, she would have felt she could go to him, and Jamie wouldn’t have been so terrified of him finding out that he would have agreed to that.”

Another commenter agreed that they were just children and could not have made rational and educated decisions in the situation.

“I feel like Jamie was just trying to help Beth like she asked… he was just a kid too and couldn’t possibly realize how it would affect Beth in the future. Beth has every right to be angry, but she needs therapy.”

It may be a little late to heal those deep wounds, but they may not be an issue much longer. Jamie has cut ties with the family, and Beth and John may not live to see Yellowstone season four. Now, we are just waiting on June!