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‘Yellowstone’ TV: How Denim Richards Views Budding Romance Between Colby and Jen Landon’s Teeter


Will they or won’t they? That’s what everyone has been asking about “Yellowstone” characters Colby and Teeter. Season Three introduced a budding (kind of) romance between the two. It was definitely a little more one-sided at the beginning with Teeter blatantly hitting on Colby. But as the season progressed and the two got to know each other, it seems that Colby may be starting to feel a little more for Teeter as well.

So, will they or won’t they get together in Season Four? During an interview in 2020, actor Denim Richards, who plays Colby on the show, talked about the relationship between the two characters.

“It’s interesting. You know, I think it’s a thing where because of the way our characters are, it’s almost like we don’t want to feed too much into it. But then there’s a possibility of there being something,” said Richards.

If they do get together it won’t be because of mutual love at first sight. Richards emphasized the fact that Teeter has very specific tactics she uses to “wear Colby down.”

“I think that the beautiful part of it is that she’s wearing Colby down, or in her mind, she’s wearing Colby down this entire time,” said Richards. “So, I think that and, obviously, we get to this river scene. Then we get trampled in this river.”

Denim Richards talk about his budding romance on “Yellowstone”

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Richards is referring to the scene during which Colby and Teeter decide to go skinny dipping but are caught by violent rival ranchers and trampled by their horses. Although the incident was life-threatening, it definitely brought Colby and Teeter closer together. They even shared a kiss at the end of the scene.

“But I think there’s this feeling of added responsibility for Teeter now in this new way in that she’s this kind of a wild nomad in a way. Coming into this season and going through what she went through, then we do, we have this kind of very romantic kiss. But it’s very sweet, it’s very caring. It’s not really sexual in that way which I think is very very interesting,” said Richards. “I think it’s a thing where it’s protection. Now we’ve been branded, she’s a part of this. She’s a part of what this is. And so I think it’s going to be really interesting to explore what that looks like.”

So, will they become Yellowstone’s next “it” couple? Richards didn’t really say. He did say that his character has learned not to get too attached to anyone in the bunkhouse.

“Especially because the bunkhouse is so crazy all the time. So, who knows someone else could come into the bunkhouse and Teeter could jump ship,” said Richards. “And Colby has had multiple seasons to learn not to get too attached to anybody. So, it’s better for him to not do that.”