‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Jen Landon Teasing Teeter’s Season 4 Death?

Jen Landon, known to Yellowstone fans as Teeter, has followers on social media questioning if her time on the show is coming to an end.

“Self-tape slate for the win… Swipe left,” The Yellowstone star posts to her Instagram. Upon swiping left, followers are treated to an increasingly adorable look at her auditioning buddy: Landon’s sweet white bulldog.

The entire nature of the post, however, begs the question – is Jen Landon gearing up for a Yellowstone exit?

If Teeter’s time on the ranch is coming to an end, it would make sense for Landon to be sourcing auditions for other projects around this time. Season 4 completed filming in 2020, and will premiere Summer of 2021. If Yellowstone follows the same pattern for Season 5, filming would commence as soon as warm weather hits in 2021.

It is common, however, for actors to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Especially on big shows like Yellowstone where seasons are filmed months apart. While it is possible this is the case for Jen Landon, the timing seems awfully conspicuous. As it stands, if Landon is set to reprise Teeter for S5, she should be gearing up to commence filming in Spring/Summer 2021. Looking outward and auditioning for other projects seems to imply otherwise…

Give her Instagram post – and Landon’s… ah… pirate librarian(?) outfit a ponder below, then stick around to see what her Yellowstone co-star Kelly Reilly has to say about her audition.

Kelly Reilly Wants In On Jen Landon Project

Whatever it is Jen Landon‘s auditioning for, she can count her Yellowstone co-star and friend Kelly Reilly in. The irreplaceable Reilly, of course, plays Beth Dutton on our favorite show. Will both be jumping ship together after untimely deaths in Season 4? We have our theories on Beth – but for now, Reilly seems more focused on palling up with Landon elsewhere.

“I’d like to audition for the role of your trusty sidekick in whatever swashbuckler this is, please. I have a v similar outfit but less glam, it’s perfect,” Reilly comments on Landon’s Instagram post (more on this here).

If Teeter is on her way out, or Beth, then there’s evidence Kevin Costner is, too.

Firstly, Costner already has another show in the works. Just this past week, ABC greenlit a new pilot from the mind of Kevin Costner: National Parks. The show will be written by Aaron Helbing and Jon Baird, the same gents Costner wrote The Explorers Guide novel with. In addition, Costner is set to produce the project, as he currently does Yellowstone.

The inclusion of his own creative partners, coupled with the demands of both writing and producing a major television network drama, points towards Costner’s time on Yellowstone as John Dutton coming to a close. Season 4 is done filming, and the timing fits up perfectly for Costner, as well as Landon.

We do not, however, have any confirmation on whether the iconic actor will star in a National Parks. So far, all major trades point to Costner’s involvement being behind-the-scenes only. Whether he will step in front of the camera for National Parks at some point remains to be seen.

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