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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kayce Dutton Actor Luke Grimes Compares This Dutton Ranch Couple to ’Classic Romeo and Juliet Storyline

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Luke Grimes, the actor that plays Kayce Dutton on Yellowstone, compares this couple to Romeo and Juliet. Are they also doomed?

Everyone knows the classic story of Romeo and Juliet. It’s a forbidden love, but when you tell teenagers what to do, they tend to do the exact opposite. So, when Romeo and Juliet’s families hate each other enough to ban their children’s happiness, they cook up this big scheme to trick them into thinking they were dead so they could be together. The moral of the story, both end up killing themselves.

It seems a bit dramatic for young love, but sure, that’s Shakespeare.

Luke Grimes Dishes on ‘Yellowstone’ Couple

Luke Grimes, the actor that portrays our beloved cowboy, Kayce Dutton, spoke with Monsters & Critics to dish on if this Yellowstone couple may have the same fate as Romeo and Juliet.

Who is the unfortunate Yellowstone couple in question? Of course, it is Kayce Dutton and his wife, Monica Long.

It seems like the two are fighting more than they are in love with one another. Luke Grimes said that this is because Monica and Kayce Dutton are very similar characters.

“I’ve always just thought when I read that storyline and that love story that they’re twin souls. They were meant for each other, but the weight of the world has always gotten in the middle. It’s kind of that classic Romeo and Juliet storyline.”

Kayce Dutton and Monica Long’s Fate

Although, we really hope that doesn’t foreshadow any unfortunate deaths from Kayce or Monica. If we do have to choose for one to go, both us and the Reddit world would quickly give Monica’s character the boot.

Luke Grimes also revealed that he didn’t even know how the two would fare after Tate’s kidnapping and throughout all of season 3.

“We’ve seen them go through a lot. With Tate disappearing, I was wondering how that was going to affect them. I had no idea what to expect before reading Season 3 because it could have gone either way.”

Grimes says that he thinks Kayce Dutton and Monica will always find their way back to one another regardless of their never-ending issues.

“But, I think, what we’ll continue to see with them is that there’s such a true love at their core, and at their core, they’re both such good spirits that they’ll always be attracted to each other.”

First, we need to see if Kayce Dutton even survives the finale of season 3.

We have hope that he lives to see another day, but we have been wrong before. Heaven knows Taylor Sheridan also loves to throw Yellowstone fans a good curveball throughout the show.