‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kelly Reilly Explains Why Rip Wheeler’s Proposal to Beth Was ‘Incredibly Beautiful’

Kelly Reilly believes that Rip Wheeler’s proposal to her character, Beth Dutton, was perfect for the Yellowstone TV couple.

What Kelly Reilly Had to Say

On December 3, Reilly spoke with Esquire about her character and looking back at Season 3 of the hit show. Reilly revealed that she thinks her character’s proposal was one for the books and perfect for their relationship.

“Well, that’s Taylor Sheridan,” she said of the show’s creator. “He’ll find that incredibly beautiful. You know what I mean? His take on it is that, I mean, I don’t want to speak for him or Cole [Hauser], but it feels right for the character.”

“He doesn’t have money to go buy Beth a ring,” she added. “Beth could buy herself diamonds if she wants. Beth doesn’t need anything. The whole him getting down on one knee, and someone videoing it? Beth couldn’t give a fuck about anything like that.”

An Important Conversation Starter for Kelly

One of the things that Yellowstone brings up in terms of issues is the fact that so many indigenous women go missing. “It’s something that when I do interviews for the show, people don’t really touch on,” she admitted. “Especially not with me, but it’s something that is one of my, the things that I’m so proud of to be part of this show.”

“I think for a long time they just assumed this was a show about cowboys and rednecks and, ‘This is our land,’” she added. Reilly said that Sheridan shows the utmost respect for Native Americans and is passionate about the cause. “He has a deep history with that personally in his life,” she explained.

“For him to draw attention to that, and to put that into the living room of so many Americans who don’t necessarily want to look at that part of our history, it’s uncomfortable,” she continued. “But I’m so glad that he is. I feel like it’s without being preachy, I think it’s really, a really important thing to know about.”