‘Yellowstone’ TV: Which Episode Is the Paramount Show’s Best?

Paramount’s Yellowstone leaves fans’ jaws dropped, eager to see the next episode as each twisting hour-long tale comes to an end. Which of the show’s 29 episodes reigns supreme though? Is it possible to select a single episode in the show’s three seasons that can confidently claim the number one spot?

IMDb lets viewers rate episodes on the website, drawing in a tally to decide the best, or ‘highest-rated,’ episode. While season three’s finale had fans on edge and continues to draw questions from viewers, begging to learn the Duttons’ fates, it’s an episode in season two that takes the cake. The second season’s seventh episode, “Resurrection Day,” boasts a 9.5/10 from 934 votes on the IMBd rankings. Close behind with a rating of 9.2 is the nail-biter finale of season three, “The World is Purple.”

A few days following the release of “Resurrection Day,” NASCAR driver Jeffrey Earnhardt shared his high praises on Twitter.

Another user agreed that season 2 episode 7 is the best.

And many more agree. “@Yellowstone Best episode ever!!!!!” one user wrote following “Resurrection Day”‘s original airing. Another says of the action-packed second season’s seventh episode, “Sunday’s episode of Yellowstone was the best episode in the series through 3 seasons. Must watch television.”

Other fans are in accordance, saying other than the show’s incredible pilot episode in season one, the August 7th episode is the best by far.

Of course, tons of Twitter users recognize the show can’t be boiled down to one single “best” episode, because all of the Paramount series is phenomenal.

This user admits it doesn’t matter which episode or season it is, Sunday nights are best when a new Yellowstone airs. When they hear those six words, they are sure to be in store for an action-packed, beautifully-acted, cinematic story.