‘Yellowstone’ TV Posts Intense Photo of Jimmy with Teasing Caption: ‘Get Back on the Horse’

“Sometimes you have to get back on the horse…” Could ‘Yellowstone’ be teasing Jimmy Hurdstrom’s fate for Season 4 after his disastrous Season 3 ending?

“Sometimes you have to get back on the horse… even if there are consequences…” ‘the show posts to its official Instagram page Friday. Jimmy is scowlin’ hard within, dressed from head to toe in some rodeo-ready denim. Be warned, however, that everything from this point forward delves deep in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 spoilers.

That being said, and with Season 4 right around the corner, there has to be a deeper meaning to the caption chosen for this photo. ‘Yellowstone’ often teases fans through social media, and this latest effort with young Mr. Hurdstrom feels no different:

While the caption could simply be teasing Jimmy’s past, we feel there’s more to it. Sure, the brand-sporting rancher has already gotten back up on the horse in Season 3 (to disastrous results). Something tells us, however, that this “pretty sure Jimmy’s dead” scene in the finale won’t be his last. And it’s all Mia’s fault.

‘Yellowstone’s Jimmy & Mia: Good or Real Bad?

It’s no secret, either, that Jimmy’s broken his body twice over now because of poor decision making. Perhaps his poorest decision, however, is staying with Mia – his girlfriend – who seems to be anything but a good influence on the young man.

“Better damn well break up with that pushy girl,” the top commenter on ‘Yellowstone’s March 26 post replies. And pal, we agree.

These two fell for each other at first sight. And at first, it looked like these two would produce one of the best love stories on the entire show. Then Jimmy had to go and be all stupid. And Mia had to go be all pushy.

Fan’s focus heading into Season 4 has been the survival of the Dutton family. Yet we can’t overlook other beloved characters who’s lives hang in the balance. When we last left Jimmy, he, too, was fighting for his life. And those same fans (Outsider included) argue that Mia is the reason he’s fighting for his life.

When push comes to shove, however, our decisions must be our own – and Jimmy has proven he’s not the best at making his own decisions. Or any decisions at all. Including not double-crossing John d*mn Dutton.

Mia doesn’t know if she’s capable of loving a man of this nature, though. She’s stuck by his side and proven she cares for him deeply, sure. But she’s also made it clear that she can’t be with a man who lets another man (see: John d*mn Dutton) “own him.”

This mentality – from both parties – proves toxic. And it may have cost Jimmy his life.

Thankfully, we’re sure that fan-favorite ranch hand will be back for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4. So as for how this love story turns out, well, we can’t wait to see.