‘Yellowstone’ TV Star Kelly Reilly Posts ‘Magical’ Photo of Young Girl in Gorgeous Hill Setting

“Yellowstone’s” tough-as-nails Dutton showed her softer side in a recent social media post. Actress Kelly Reilly posted the photo to Instagram Sunday.

The ethereal photo shows a young girl peeking at the sunlight through trees. She appears to be standing in an overgrown field dotted with purple flowers.

“One of the most magical humans I know,” Reilly captioned the photo.

While commenters questioned who the girl is, Reilly confirmed the photo is of her niece.

“Nieces are the best, aren’t they? Mines all grown up now but she still makes me laugh like no one else!!!” one user wrote.

Reilly replied, “One of my life’s greatest joys.”

The “Yellowstone” actress also said she took the photo a few weeks ago in Somerset, England.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Identifies With Character

With Reilly’s depiction of Beth Dutton laden with attitude and defiance, she’s also deeply misunderstood and vulnerable.

From her inability to bear children after an accidental pregnancy – one that was wiped away as clean as dropping off wayward cowboys at the “train station” – to blaming herself for her mother’s death, the layered character is fascinating to watch.

Interestingly, Reilly said the character’s flaws are exactly what makes Beth Dutton a role model.

“So many people are into like ‘strong women’ and we have to have role models…which I totally agree with,” she says. “But, I also want to see real women, flawed women, powerful women, messy women and passionate women. That is what Beth Dutton is to me.”

Moreover, the character’s push-and-pull relationship with John Dutton’s muscle, Rip Wheeler, draws another dimension to her character.

“I think that is why she has resonated so deeply in some sort of psyche in America,” Reilly said. “Because she is bada** and she doesn’t edit herself.”

In the most recent season of “Yellowstone”, three major characters were attacked in a seemingly coordinated hit. Beth Dutton was one of the prominent Dutton family members to receive a blow. After receiving a package in her office, the character’s fate is unknown when it turns out to be a decoy for a bomb.

Additionally, John and Kayce Dutton were targets of the attack – one that left fans reeling about the story’s next plotline.

After fans grew impatient as a season four release date was up in the air, the show’s executives said “Yellowstone” is expected to return sometime this fall.

It will only be then the highly anticipated fate of the three Duttons – if any of them survive – will be known.