‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Says ‘It’s an Honor’ To Have People Love Rip Wheeler

Raise your hand if you love Rip Wheeler on “Yellowstone”; let me guess, you all did. I don’t blame you, he’s a great character, one of the best. Of course, it’s hard to say who’s the best. Either way, Rip Wheeler is way up there at the top of the list, and Cole Hauser is grateful for everyone who considers his character one of the good ones.

In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter on the set of “Yellowstone,” Cole Hauser commented on the fact that there’s so much love for his character. Well, first, he explained that he’s “run into women with my name tattooed on them, babies named Rip”; he even shared that Kelly Reilly used to get death threats just because her character was in a romantic relationship with his character.

But, Hauser explained, “ultimately […] you get into this business and you hope for a couple of great roles in your lifetime, and to be able to affect people in the way this character has […] and just the different colors that [Taylor Sheridan] laid out for me. I mean,” he continued, “ultimately it’s an honor to have people come up and love something that you do. And whether they can connect to the serious intensity side, the loving side with [Beth], the loyalty that I have with [John], you know, it’s an honor.”

Cole Hauser Describes ‘Yellowstone’ Fan Base as ‘Grassroots’

Speaking to The Playlist recently, Cole Hauser commented on the “Yellowstone” fan base. He spoke about how the hype started in middle America and has finally caught on around the nation. “Initially, it was more of a grassroots kind of feel, you know,” he said. “Which I kind of think that’s why the show has had the success it’s had is that it’s really built like a core family. It started in the middle of the country and built its way, finally, to the edges, in Los Angeles and New York. Like, those people are actually watching it.”

Hauser considers that original fan base one of the reasons the show is doing really well. “Well, for many years, it wasn’t that way, but I think, you know, after year one,” he admitted. “The premiere of the show — we were in Montana and Utah and Texas. I mean, these are places where people love this kind of stuff, so I always felt like it was doing really well. It’s getting more attention now, that’s all.”

According to Hauser, “Yellowstone” has always been good. It’s a testament to Taylor Sheridan’s writing that it’s gotten as big as it has; also to the amazing performances from Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, and everyone else in the cast. “Yellowstone” has truly become a powerhouse of television, and it all started with that original, tight-knot fan base.