YETI Releases Limited-Edition Spring Colors Bimini Pink and Offshore Blue

Frigid temperatures have found their way across much of the United States in the last several weeks. Nevertheless, YETI, like many American manufacturers, is looking ahead toward spring. And with the official start of the season less than a month away, the outdoorsmen’s brand has launched yet another set of limited edition colors among their lines of products.

2021’s fall season saw YETI launch its limited edition sandstone pink products. Now, the spring brings with it drinkware and specified coolers in bright bimini pink and a deep, offshore blue.

YETI made the announcement regarding the products’ launch on Instagram this week. And the post, located below, has us pining for warm, sunny spring days.

Further, despite its limited-edition status, the brand offers a wide variety of available products in bimini pink and offshore blue. Examples include practically all of the brand’s drinkware, with the new colors even available for customization.

As for the YETI coolers, bimini pink is the only color of the two that is available in the line of the Roadie 24 Hard Coolers, the Hopper Flip 12s, and the Hopper M30 soft coolers. Outsiders can also find some of the brand’s apparel boasting the bright hues of bimini pink and offshore blue.

Available through spring of 2022, the online YETI shop has a vast collection of products available in the springy hues. So, from your everyday ramblers and coolers right down to the YETI dog bowl, Outsiders can look forward to brightening up their kitchen cabinets, if not the closet just yet.

YETI Celebrates Our Nation’s Veterans

One of the things we love about YETI is their dedication to those who dedicate themselves to protecting American lives. And while the beloved brand released its sandstone pink collection in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month this fall, YETI celebrated our nation’s veterans in a similar way last November.

Typically, we can expect YETI to mark important occasions and events with a new color release. a.k.a the bimini pink and offshore blue collections for this spring season.

However, around Veterans’ Day 2021, YETI announced its efforts to give back to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. On Instagram, the drinkware brand shared images of their Rambler 30 oz Tumblr in red, white, and blue, boasting the iconic YETI logo in a copper finish and overlaid with the print of the American flag.

For each sale of the patriotic Ramblers, YETI donated $5 to the honorable organization, Folds of Honor. Essentially, Folds of Honor is tasked with providing education scholarships to individuals descended from families of fallen service members.

At the time of YETI’s charitable announcement, Folds of Honor had awarded 35,000 scholarships to applicable individuals.