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7-Year-Old Tags 21-Point Buck After Learning to Shoot BB Guns at Age 1

(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The tiny titan managed to bag an immense 21-point buck of his own accord with “one shot.” He’s only 7-years-old.

Young Jericho Manske’s latest hunt will ensure all other sportsmen feel far less accomplished. While a few passionate hunters have been in the fields since they could walk – it’s hard to fathom anyone else having a story to match this 7-year-olds.

As for Jericho – this is one tiny hunter who’ll be hoping he hasn’t peaked too early. His incredible harvest comes from an Oconto County deer ranch in Wisconsin, where he just tagged a staggering 21-point white-tailed buck.

“For him to be able to shoot an animal that size, and everything else, it was just amazing,” Jericho’s father Eric recalls.

Jericho himself, however, remains far more humble of his incredible feat. “I didn’t really get a good shot at it, but I got it in the throat, then out the shoulder,” he recounts to his local Fox 11 News.

But his father is convinced that Jericho is a prodigy. “It’s always been one shot, he hasn’t ever taken more than that at an animal,” Eric adds of his talented son. The two have been shooting together since Eric was old enough to hold up a BB gun, Manske continues.

“I mean I had him shooting a BB gun at target when he was probably one. He shot a spike when he was five in Michigan, and a six-pointer last year at 6 years old,” Eric continues of Jericho’s feats.

As for how he does help his small son, Eric clarifies that he’s there to keep Jericho safe and comfortable. “I stand behind him and press the bottom of the stock so it absorbs some of the impact on his shoulder, [but] he does everything,” Eric tells Fox 11.

7-Year-Old Prodigy Tags 21-Point Buck From 50 Yards

So how did Jericho pull of such a tremendous trophy?

“I just pulled the trigger and I was shooting from 50 yards,” Jericho clarifies. “It ran 30 yards and it dropped.”

From there, the rest is history. Fittingly, the incredible 21-pointer currently awaits chest mounting at a local Wisconsin taxidermist. And while it may be daunting to have shot a prize worthy of an entire lifetime at just 7-years-old, Jericho and Eric aren’t letting that dull their excitement.

“For him to shoot something like that it’s just amazing,” Eric reiterates. “Whether it’s on a ranch or in the wild, to watch him, see the excitement…”

Indeed, this is one harvest the Manske’s will never forget. Eric says they plan to continue hunting on the deer ranch that brought home the 21-pointer, too. Jericho, however, doesn’t believe there are many others out there like this one.

All too true – and all the more reason to be proud of such a tremendous trophy.

Jericho’s harvest comes on the tail-end of several incredible hunts in 2020. For one, this fellow hunter had to hunt for an unbelievable 84 years before bagging his prize.

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