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Alaskan Woman Bags One of the Most Impressive Caribou Bulls We’ve Seen

(Photo by US Fish and Wildlife Service/Getty Images)

There are few things more satisfying while hunting than landing a clean shot on huge game. An Alaskan woman recently felt that and then some, taking down one of the most impressive caribou bulls you’ll likely ever see.

Claira Sallenbach grew up in a large Native Alaskan family and always considered herself a meat hunter. However, she had no way of knowing a friend’s invitation to hunt caribou for her 30th birthday on the Alaskan Peninsula last year would lead to the hunt of a lifetime. Despite a storm approaching, Sallenbach made the longest shot of her life at 350 yards and brought it down cleanly. The best part? Field & Stream not only has details of the story but video footage of her claiming her kill.

Sallenbach and her friend’s husband borrowed two four-wheelers from a neighbor and found a place he shot some caribou weeks prior. Overlooking a valley, the pair saw two bulls and four cows. Carrying only a rifle and one small pack to use as a gun rest, she approached a bull 350 yards out. “I had the bull in my sights, I felt comfortable, and everything was absolutely perfect. I don’t think I even hit a bone, except maybe nicking a rib on the exit wound.”

Preliminary measurements suggest the bull’s rack could net 413 inches. The spread is 46 inches, with the ride side sporting 18 points on the main beam and three on the brow. The left possesses 17 points on the main beam and eight on the brow. “You could tell he was a beast and a fighter,” Sallenbach said. “With his huge beard blowing in the wind, he looked like this terrifying old soul who’d just beat you up.”

Looks like he just met his match.

Alaskan Man Fought A Grizzly Bear and Lived to Tell About Him

Alaskan wildlife is some of the toughest in the business, with caribou being just one aspect of it. An Alaskan tour guide recently had his own encounter with the game there, fending off a grizzly bear by himself and living to tell about it.

Caleb Jacques and his family both own and run Grizzly Safaris in Iliamna, Alaska. There, photographers take guided tours of the huge bear population and are free to record them. Unfortunately, one tour last year didn’t go as planned, and a grizzly charged Jacques and his group. Capturing the whole thing on video, Jacques holds his ground and fends the bear off.

Calling the bear a “pretty one,” his tone quickly became more dominant as he tells the beast “no closer.” Undeterred, it slowly approaches again before Caleb makes a loud noise and tells the bear, “You get!” Standing off with one another for what likely felt like an eternity, it eventually backed off.