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Watch a ‘Screaming’ Bison Halt Traffic on Yellowstone Park Road

(photo credit: William Campbell / Contributor / Getty Images)

A bison at Yellowstone National Park caused a major halt in traffic walking down the middle of the road. Visitors at the park captured video of the massive animal “screaming” as it passed between dozens of cars.

Earlier this week, a mom of three from Boise, Heather Parker, made the trip to Lamar Valley, Wyoming. While on the highway, Parker stopped as a male bison marched between halted cars. She whipped her phone out to film the wild situation.

Speaking with KTVB7, Parker says the male bison slowly made its approach while “screaming.” As it passes by, the male bison holds its mouth open and tongue out.

This time of year marks the mating season for the bison at Yellowstone National Park. The males get particularly aggressive during the mating season. Rangers warn visitors not to get too close. Last week, the park took to social media to share more information about the bison’s mating season.

“The bison rut is in full swing,” the Park tweeted. “You may see male bison with their mouth open and tongue out. Called a flehman response, it draws air into an olfactory organ on the roof of their mouths. This is how bull bison sniff pheromones and determine whether a female is ready to breed.”

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While the situation with the bison walking down Yellowstone Park Road didn’t turn dangerous, other visitors at the park earlier this month weren’t so lucky. A bison charged their vehicle, goring a hole through the tire. Learn more here.

Another recent incident involves a woman tripping while trying to run away from a bison. Fortunately, the bison did not trampler her. She fooled the enormous beast by “playing dead.” Check out the video here.