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Bobcat Relocated After Killing Dozens of Arizona Petting Zoo Animals

(Photo Credit: Lakshmi Kanth Raju/ Getty Images

In a savage attack, a rogue bobcat had to be relocated after it killed more than a dozen animals at an Arizona petting zoo.

Have you ever seen the PG-13 version of Zootopia where the prey and predators don’t become friends… Here you have it.

At the Tucson Petting Zoo and Funny Foot Farm, owner Kenneth MacNeil showed up for another day of family fun only to find a massacre waiting for him. The vicious bobcat had a buffet, killing 18 chickens, two ducks, and a lamb. Some might call that overkill, but others call it the circle of life.

MacNeil said he was surprised but not angry with the bobcat. In addition, he is just thankful the majority of his animals survived.

“The fences are considered no-climb fences, but unfortunately, bobcats can make it over it,” said the owner to KOLD-13. “I wasn’t mad at the bobcat because he belongs here more than we do.”

To protect other petting zoo residents, MacNeil immediately began making changes. Unfortunately, all to no prevail. The hungry bobcat returned the next night for another midnight snack.

Bobcat Hunt

This meant war to MacNeil, who called in the experts. Marc Hammond with Animal Experts Wildlife Services planned to trap the bobcat before it could strike again.

“My first thought is how am I going to catch this bobcat? This bobcat can come back, and it gets whatever he wants to get– rabbits, chickens, egrets, anything that he wants,” Hammond said. “Why is it going to want to go into a live trap when it can go anywhere?”

After using every trick up his sleeve, Hammond finally caught himself a bobcat. Don’t worry. No bobcats were harmed in the making of this story, however.

“We are conservationists, but then again, we have to put safety first,” stated Hammond. “So, if we feel it is a situation that we have to trap this bobcat and relocate it to a nice area that is away from residential, commercial, and industrial areas, we will do it.”

Once secured, Hammond moved the bobcat 40 miles away to a place with fewer people but near a water source.

Since the Tucson Petting Zoo and Funny Foot Farm is located next to Interstate 10, predators have not generally been a problem. MacNeil said in the three years the farm has been open, until recently he hasn’t had to worry.

What changed? MacNeil revealed that ever since construction began on the I-10 and Ruthrauff area and road have been closed, and the number of animals lingering around has increased.

He believes the wildlife is crossing from the Santa Cruz River on the side of the highway. However, with the growing numbers of bobcats and coyotes in the area, he is still making necessary changes to protect the animals he has left.