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Bow Hunter Gored to Death by an Elk the Day After Shooting It

(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

An Oregon bow hunter was killed Sunday morning by a bull elk that he shot the night before. Mark David, 66, wounded the animal Saturday night, but could not find it before nightfall.

David had been bow hunting elk on private property in Tillamook. The morning after he shot and injured the elk, David and the landowner ventured out to find it. After finding it, they wounded it more, but it ended up charging at mark David. The elk gored him in the neck with his antlers. The property owner attempted to aid the injured bow hunter, but David died from the injuries.

Twitter accounts have posted an image of the elk taken by the Oregon State Police.

According to AP News, following the investigation, the elk was killed and its meat has been donated to the Tillamook County Jail.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife reports that “Oregon’s elk are one of the most sought-after species for hunters and the second most popular game animal after deer.” Archery elk hunting season runs 30 days from late August to late September, according to their site says. It typically coincides with archery deer season and the limit is one elk in many units. The site provides detailed statistics and reports on previous elk hunter success in different areas.