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Watch Conservation Officers Quickly Rescue Coyote That Got Its Head Stuck in a Glass Jar

(Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Officers of the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service rescued a coyote last week. The animal had gotten its head stuck in a glass jar.

The rescue took place in Maple Ridge—a city just outside of Vancouver, Canada.

“CO’s tranquilized the animal, removed the jar, and poured water over its body to cool it down,” the conservation service tweeted. “The coyote recovered in the shade (with a water dish beside it). CO’s stayed until it began to regain mobility.”

In the video, a female officer removes the glass jar, while a male officer delivers instructions.

“Just spin it off,” the man can be heard saying. “Let’s check him for injuries.”

“He’s fine,” the woman replies.

The rescue video has been viewed more than 19,000 times, and more than 50 social media users expressed their gratitude for the officers’ work.

“Thank you for saving him and staying with him,” one person commented. “So frightening for the poor thing. This happens too often to wildlife. So sad.”

While another person said: “Awesome job on saving the coyote. Now if people would put the garbage where it belongs this wouldn’t happen!”

Chris Miller, a fellow officer who was not present at the rescue, told Maple Ridge News that it wasn’t clear how the coyote became stuck.

“It is possible the jar was in a recycling bin on the road for collection day and could have had some residue in it which may have attracted the coyote, but we don’t know for sure though,” he said

Miller went on to recommend that Maple Ridge residents and visitors thoroughly rinse out their recyclables as to not attract curious and hungry wildlife.

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