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Cow Moose and Calf Killed in Idaho, Latest in String of Poaching Incidents

Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images

One week after a series of moose-poaching incidents in Southwest Idaho, officers of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game have discovered two more illegally killed moose.

In an IDFG news release, officials reported that conservation officers received information on Oct. 18 about the illegally killed animals. Officials say a suspect shot a cow moose and left it for dead close to Dry Buck Road. The location is around 3 miles west of Banks, ID, which is about an hour north of Boise.

During the officers’ investigation, they also found the body of a bull moose calf in the vicinity. Officials believe both of the animals died sometime between Oct. 14 and Oct. 18. Moose hunting is not allowed in the areas where officers discovered the carcasses.

Last week, three of the animals were found shot and killed in Valley County. The most recent pair are the latest in a series of illegal killings in Southwest Idaho. Officials discovered the body of a dead bull in one of those cases. However, the other two cases seemed to be hunting mistakes. The hunters self-reported to the IDFG that they accidentally shot the animals after mistaking them for elk.

IDFG moose biologist Hollie Miyasaki said the killings can be harmful to the region’s moose population. In fact, the Southwest Idaho population already has much lower numbers than in other areas of Idaho.

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Moose Joins in on Teen’s Soccer Practice

In a more lighthearted story involving a moose in Alaska, the huge animal interrupted a group of teens playing soccer. The teens in Homer, AK were having a casual kickaround when the enormous animal trotted onto the field and joined in on the fun.

As the teens scurried off to the side of the field, the animal took over and commandeered their soccer ball. All things considered, the huge animal showed off some impressive dribbling skills as it started to pass the soccer ball between its hooves. Additionally, it even took a shot at goal when it booted the ball around 25 yards or so.

As the animal went for goal, one of the teens shouted, “Oh yea, he scores! Great shot.”