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Duck Dynasty Star Jase Robertson Discovers. the Joy of Relic Hunting, Gives Tips on New Hobby

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

“Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson has found something to keep him busy between duck seasons. He’s still in the field and hunting. However, he’s not carrying a shotgun. For this venture, he’s packing a Garrett metal detector and a shovel. When duck hunting isn’t an option, Jase goes relic hunting.

The “Duck Dynasty” star is known for bringing down boatloads of birds. But in a video posted earlier this month, he talks about hunting relics. The video opens with Jase sitting on the bed of his truck alongside his impressive collection of finds. He says he has only been at the new hobby for a couple of years. Yet, he has a few shadow boxes full of interesting and valuable relics. At a glance, the boxes contain several antique coins and small pieces of jewelry.

Among those coins are an Indian head penny and several antique silver coins. However, he says his most valuable find is also his favorite. At this point, he shows off his silver trime. A trime is a three-cent coin. Many people, the “Duck Dynasty” star included, didn’t even know they existed. The United States only issued the coins from 1851 to 1873. Currently, they’re hard to come by. Jase’s coin was minted in New Orleans in 1851, which increases its rarity. Jase says he’s not concerned with what it’s worth. To him, the coin is priceless.

“Duck Dynasty” Star’s Tips on Relic Hunting

The “Duck Dynasty” star isn’t just bragging about his finds. He wants his viewers to experience the thrill of hunting and digging for relics from the past. So, he shares several tips and hints throughout the video.

He starts by letting everyone know that relic hunting is pretty accessible. He says that if he can do it, anyone can. On top of that, he has been at it for right around two years and already has a great selection. However, he does say that in his first months he found three things in abundance – bullets, nails, and frustration. But, he kept at it and it paid off. To be fair, he has a friend who has been doing it for almost forty years. So he’s pulling from a deep well of knowledge. Luckily, he’s sharing some of that knowledge with us.

Just like any other kind of hunting, the first step is getting gear and finding a place to hunt. He said that he and his buddy Murray Crow would look for old places on maps, travel to them, and see if they could dig there. The best places would probably be old residential areas or other places where you think people would have dropped or discarded items. Once you have a place to go and a metal detector, it’s time to hunt.

Once you’re in the field, walk at a slow pace, keep your metal detector to the ground and listen closely. According to the “Duck Dynasty” star, when you hear a steady, high-pitched beeping tone in your earphones, you’re on to something. Once you find the location of the target, you carefully dig up the ground around it. Jase uses a small handheld metal detector to make finding the relic easier once he has broken ground.

During the video, he also discusses his preferred settings for his metal detector. He says his settings help him get a clear signal. At the same time, it lets him narrow down the metals for which he digs.

So, if you’re looking for something to keep you outdoors during the off-season, check out the video and see if relic hunting is for you. There’s no telling what you might dig up.