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Falcon Hunting Cars: These Modified Vehicles Are Specifically Designed for Falconry

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Falconry is getting their own car courtesy of Falcon Hunting Cars. But, it’s a whole lot more interesting than just getting a special car. In fact, Falconry is an ancient art that has not really changed in thousands of years.

Falconry is hunting with birds of prey that are specially trained. While it isn’t known exactly where the art of hunting with falcons began, it originated sometime between 4,000 and 6,000 BC in the steppes of Mongolia. In particular, it is a means of survival, where people train a falcon – or any kind of hawk – to do the hunting for them.

Often, people take their hawks out into big fields and send the bird out to catch the prey. Back in the day, it was often done while riding on horseback, and the hawk would bring the prey back to the hunters.

Now though, falconry is evolving. Car companies are building cars specifically for falconry. Companies like Newport Convertible are customizing cars to emulate hunting from horseback. Nissan patrols and GMC Yukons have parts that you can add to their cars to accommodate for falconry.

Falconry Is Getting Custom Cars

The birds used can cost more than $30,000 just to buy one. That doesn’t include any of the other costs. Moreover, the birds are far more intricate than the cars that trainers have begun using for the sport.

In Abu Dhabi, there is a reserve people can visit just to practice the ancient art. Hunters take out the majestic birds of prey, having them perch on their arms with blinders on their eyes. Once they see prey, they release the bird to go get it.

Newport Convertible has made their company specifically to cater to falconers. The company helps customize cars like Mercedes-Maybachs and Rolls-Royce Ghosts to suit the needs of the hunters. Additionally, they will ship cars anywhere in the world for their customers.

Consequently, the company has a shop in California where they offer specific customizations for the Bentayga. They call this feature the master flight situation. It features a tray to keep your leather falcon hoods, gauntlets, binoculars, as well as your tracking units. But, that isn’t all. The master flight situation also has removable perches for the birds in the center console.

The gauntlet and perch are important falconry tools. The gauntlet and perch help protect the trainer from the hawk’s grip, as they all have serious talons.

However, Bentley’s falconry car customizations don’t end there either. The dashboard also has a falcon emblem embroidered on it.

Additionally, convertible falconry is gaining popularity because it can be fashioned from any kind of car. The cars are typically off-road capable cars that can handle all types of terrain.

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