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Florida Man Traps Massive Alligator in a Trash Bin in Moment That Would’ve Made Steve Irwin Proud: VIDEO

MIAMI, FL - APRIL 02: General view of a wild alligator in the Everglades National Park on April 02, 2021 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Armed only with his trash bin, watch as this Florida man successfully takes the removal of an aggressive alligator from his front yard into his own hands.

Look, Outsider is not saying you should ever try to tackle an aggressive alligator with your own trash bin. Please don’t. But we’re also super proud of this raucous Florida man who chose said trash bin over, y’know, a rifle.

Steve Irwin taught us that conservation is key, after all. Much of conservation, in fact, is relocation. Sure, he probably should’ve called animal control, but we don’t know the full circumstances here. Maybe this gentleman has children and/or pets to protect. Or maybe he was just outright sick of this 6-foot alligator camping out in his front yard; something that rarely ends well.

“Somebody let me know when his head goes inside this thing!” The Florida man shouts as he pursues his trespasser. The gator is, as you can imagine, far from happy with this ordeal; snapping and flailing about. The man’s neighbors give a raucous play-by-play in the background, too. In short: you gotta watch this.

“This Florida Man has won the internet for the Month of September,” captions KP of the viral video on Twitter Wednesday. And once the gator is in the can, rapturous applause breaks out in this Florida neighborhood.

It is one hell of a spectacle. Which makes it wholly unsurprising that this footage has wracked up millions of views Wednesday through several postings on Twitter alone.

Tale as Old as Time: Florida Man vs Mad Alligator

So what’s the alternative to this incident? Steve Irwin would’ve told this gent to call animal control. So would we Outsiders. But again, we don’t know the full story here.

What we do know, however, is that his actions are far better than shooting this gator in the head. This Florida man seems willing to put his health and safety on the line, either way.

Perhaps a visual opposite, then, would be this massive Louisiana alligator that ended up freshly deceased in a neighborhood’s post-Ida dumpster. Unlike the man above, some NOLA citizen thought it best to kill their neighbor gator and toss its carcass to waste and rot inside a shared trash recepticle.

“I’m very confused about the logistics of how this poor gator arrived in a dumpster,” Naomi Gadinsky says in the recent footage. “Oh my god, the foot! I didn’t even see that before. So gross,” she guffaws as the dead alligator’s massive appendages remain dangling from the trash.

“Normally this is a gator-free zone,” she told local KLFY. “So this is pretty gross.”

Gross, indeed. So remember, Outsiders: Wherever you live in gator territory, Steve Irwin would want you to call animal control.